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Dr. Susan Hopkins is the Executive Director of Dr. Stuart Shanker's organization, Susan has been a teacher, school administrator, inclusive schooling coordinator, curriculum developer, educational researcher, and educational leader. She has worked in every area of education from the early years to post-secondary, from remote Northern schools to the Department of Education, and across contexts that include Italy and the Northwest Territories.
29 08, 2017

Back to School Planning

By | 2017-08-29T13:47:44+00:00 August 29th, 2017|

The first “Back to School” sale I came across this year was on July 2nd. Down came the Canada 150th specials and up went the early deals to get us prepared for the first days of school, only weeks after school had ended. Back to school sales so early in [...]

11 07, 2017

What If We Provided All Teachers With Self-Reg Days Every Year?

By | 2017-09-19T14:49:50+00:00 July 11th, 2017|

Then there was the time that I was SO HAPPY to have bronchitis…. Who is happy about getting super sick?   Over-stressed people, that’s who. Bronchitis provided me the gift of some days off resting which I needed for my own mental health more than even my physical health!  Of [...]

21 06, 2017

The Self-Reg Myths

By | 2017-09-19T14:54:00+00:00 June 21st, 2017|

Hello Self-Reg community! Our Third Annual Self-Reg Summer Symposium ran from July 4-7th, 2017. At SRSS, we explored 12 Self-Reg myths and the barriers to practicing Self-Reg that our community asked us to address this year. To prepare for the Summer Symposium, Stuart Shanker and I decided to do a series of short videos, [...]

30 05, 2017

Helping Our Kids Get Ready for Standardized Tests

By | 2017-06-19T12:07:46+00:00 May 30th, 2017|

Many students across the grades are being assessed at this time of year in the areas of reading, writing, and math. Assessment takes place in the classroom throughout the year, but there are other kinds of assessments that take place, including standardized tests such as the ones my daughter is [...]

23 03, 2017

A Skinned Knee and a Room Full of Frantic Adults

By | 2017-03-23T14:50:39+00:00 March 23rd, 2017|

My daughter's biking accident led to this reflection on how we respond when children get hurt and the relationship between a Self-Reg approach, self-control and our own stress response as adults. Watch the vlog below or on our Youtube channel here.

2 03, 2017

Understanding the Triune Brain and the Limbic System

By | 2017-03-03T16:37:15+00:00 March 2nd, 2017|

In this video, I speak with TMC teaching assistant and research assistant Travis Francis about Dr. Stuart Shanker’s latest article for Psychology Today: “Help, I Don’t Speak Limbic.” Stuart’s presentations and writing, along with some of the tools we have developed at TMC, have sparked a great deal of interest and discussion [...]

21 11, 2016

​Is this Self-Reg? 5 Misconceptions about Self-Reg in Schools​

By | 2017-01-24T11:30:47+00:00 November 21st, 2016|

We are seeing the most extraordinary results when educators and parents practice Self-Reg. There are also MANY Self-Reg misconceptions out there, even from those advocating for self-regulation as a foundation of education. In this video blog, I explore 5 misunderstandings that I often come across often in my work as [...]

9 11, 2016

Reframing Trump and The “Limbic Election”

By | 2016-11-18T12:38:42+00:00 November 9th, 2016|

Donald Trump. President. This happened. Truth really is stranger (and sometimes scarier) than fiction. As a Canadian affected by whatever is happening in the United States, I dreaded this possibility for months now. I traveled the election roller coaster with the highs and the lows, the outside possibilities, the disappointments, [...]

25 10, 2016

Three Signs My 8 Year Old is Learning Self-Reg

By | 2016-10-31T22:09:28+00:00 October 25th, 2016|

This article was originally published in our Self-Reg Newsletter. I hear a child shriek outside my front window and run outside, Siena right behind me. A little boy has fallen off his bike. His sister is helping him get up and he’s wailing. He’s seven she is maybe 11. I’ve [...]