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“I want every child to thrive and embrace the gift of life. I want every child to have the opportunity, and the resources as well, to realize their gifts, and to deal with the challenges that are a part of life. And I want the same for every family, school and community.” – Dr. Stuart Shanker

The MEHRIT Centre (TMC) is a social enterprise, established by Dr. Stuart Shanker (D. Phil.) in 2012 to work towards a vision of calm, alert and flourishing children, youth and adults. Our mission is to ground learning and living in mindful self-regulation. Decades of research have shown that self-regulation is the foundation of healthy human development: mental health, learning, resilience, emotional safety, caring relationships, and vibrant, peaceful families, schools and communities. TMC works to mobilize science-based and practice-informed knowledge about self-regulation to develop learning experiences, strategies and resources that will benefit all children, parents, teachers and leaders, schools, communities, and ultimately, society itself.



According to Dr. Stuart Shanker:

Shanker Self-Reg® is a powerful method for understanding stress and managing tension and energy flow in order to support mindful self-regulation.

When an individual’s stress levels are too high, various brain/body regulatory systems that support thinking, emotion regulation, social engagement and even metabolic recovery are compromised. The signs of dysregulation can show up in the behaviour, mood, attention and physical well-being of a child, teen or adult. Shanker Self-Reg® gives us new ways to understand the nature of stress and helps us recognize and address the myriad hidden as well as overt stressors people and communities must contend with today. In this way, Self-Reg helps us truly connect to the self-regulation needs and resources of a family, school or community.

The Self-Reg mindset amounts to a paradigm revolution in how we see children and youth (and ourselves) and the impacts of the different kinds of stresses they are struggling with in one or all five of the domains of Shanker Self-Reg®: biological, emotion, cognitive, social, and prosocial.

Dr. Stuart Shanker


Dr. Stuart Shanker is a Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Psychology at York University. On this blog you will find articles by Dr. Shanker as well as many other Self-Regulation professionals. 

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Please note:
– that TMC’s services do not include diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders

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