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July 4 – 15, 2022

Our 8th annual Self-Reg Summer Symposium is coming your way this July!

Join Stuart Shanker, Susan Hopkins and Self-Reggers from around the world to explore Self-Reg Havens in our third virtual symposium. A Haven is not only a place. Havens are nurtured through our actions, through people, our relationships and the spaces held between. The safety and relationships found in a Haven unlock the child’s potential and learning can occur.

Join us at SRSS to learn how you can create a Self-Reg Haven in your school, early years center, home, organization or community!

Register today!


The MEHRIT Centre is Dr. Stuart Shanker’s organization dedicated to understanding how we all respond to stress in the same way: we thrive when it is positive, we struggle when it is excessive.

Self-Reg Vision


Calm, alert children, youth and adults flourishing in physically and emotionally nurturing environments.

Self-Reg Mission


To ground learning and living in self-regulation.

Self-Reg Mantra


THIS child, THIS youth, THIS parent, THIS teacher, THIS practitioner, THIS classroom, THIS learning space, THIS school, THIS campus, THIS country, THIS community, THIS globe.


Dr. Stuart Shanker 

Founder & Visionary

With Self-Reg we learn how to transform the dream of a Just Society into a reality, one mind at a time.

We are in the midst of a scientific paradigm-revolution in our understanding of the effects of excessive stress on behaviour, social-emotional development, intelligence, empathy, motivation, and character. The theoretical foundation of the Shanker Self-Reg® framework rests on these recent advances in neuroscience, physiology, psychology and clinical practice. The Shanker Method® explores, explains, and applies these new insights in a way that benefits every child, youth, adult and senior.

Self-Reg provides us not just with the why, but also with next steps on “the how”.

  • How to distinguish between maladaptive and growth-promoting modes of managing stress;
  • Between misbehaviour and stress-behaviour;
  • Between laziness and processes deep inside the brain that impede learning or effort.
  • And what to do about it.







Self-Reg has opened my eyes in a way I never could have predicted.  I knew something profound has happening inside of me when I found myself reading Dr. Shanker’s book   Self-Reg  for the fourth time.  I just had to learn more.  Enrolling in the Self-Reg Foundations Program was one of the best decisions I ever made.  I somehow knew that regulating the brain and body could not possibly be a purely cognitive task.  By teaching us the science of the physiology of nervous system regulation and the true meaning and impacts of stress, the Foundations course unlocks the knowledge required to access Self-Reg as a positive, productive, healing, and entirely do-able way of life.  – Stephanie K.

I was blown away by the Self-Reg for Early Childhood Development program. It’s a must. I’m going to recommend this course to all my colleagues. This course was well laid out. Being able to learn at my own pace was amazing. Having a full time job, 2 kids in hockey, raising four boys and maintaining my house duties, I was able to open the computer on my own time, when it was right for me. I got through and feel like I’ve learned a ton. Looking forward to applying the knowledge and skills I’ve gained in my classroom as well as at home.- Karen B.

Leadership is so critical to the wellbeing of all members of staff. I have shared the Leadership For Self-Reg Schools program ideas and principles with many leaders and staff at my school with very positive responses. The course presents immediately useable material, plans and approaches which can change and has changed the culture of the school in many aspects. It’s a process in progress to arrive at haven status. The learning and experimenting is exciting. There are many mistakes and re-takes to get it right but we derive energy from the clear evidence of successes to keep going to apply this leadership process. – Chanel H.

Taking the Self-Reg Learning Facilitator’s program was even more rewarding than I anticipated. The purpose of the course for me felt two fold – there was more in-depth learning around the science and concepts of Self-Reg, as well as learning how to become a Self-Reg Facilitator. The course incorporates key principles of the Self-Reg approach into the learning so you are literally learning by doing, as well being explicitly taught how to support others in learning and applying this approach. This is the best on-line training I have participated in and in part that is due to the on-line facilitator and learning from the reflections of others in my cohort. It is well worth your time and you will learn more about yourself as well as how to manage your own stress and support others in your life. Enjoy!! – Brenda M.


Couverture du livre: Votre enfant, self-reg et vous: Comprendre l’autorégulation pour vivre mieux

Votre enfant, Self-Reg et vous : comprendre l’autorégulation pour vivre mieux


Version numérique – été 2022
Version papier – automne 2022

Offre à durée limitée !

Pré-commandez la version papier du livre avant le 15 juillet et recevez une copie numérique GRATUITE !

La version numérique sortira le 12 juillet.

Self-Reg est un livre pionnier qui présente une toute nouvelle compréhension des émotions et du comportement de votre enfant ; il offre aux parents un guide pratique pour aider leurs enfants à s’engager dans l’apprentissage et la vie avec calme et succès. Fondé sur les décennies de recherche et de travaux de Stuart Shanker avec des enfants et des parents, Self-Reg réoriente le pouvoir de la relation parent-enfant, pour un changement positif. L’autorégulation est la façon dont le système nerveux réagit au stress. Aujourd’hui, toute une génération d’enfants et d’adolescents est soumise à des niveaux de stress excessivement élevés et nous assistons à une explosion de problèmes émotionnels, sociaux, d’apprentissage, de comportement et de santé physique. Mais peu de parents reconnaissent les “facteurs de stress cachés” (physiologiques, sociaux et émotionnels) avec lesquels leurs enfants sont aux prises. Selon une conception de l’éducation très ancrée, les enfants manquent de maîtrise de soi ou de volonté, mais en réalité, c’est l’excès de stress qui est la véritable cause de ces problèmes.

Pour découvrir plus de documentation en français sur Self-Reg, consultez notre section outils en ligne et notre glossaire.

Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators

Educators across Canada and around the world have embraced the science and theory of Shanker Self-Reg.® Now Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators answers the all important question: How?

Where Dr. Shanker’s previous books Self-Reg, and Calm, Alert and Learning answered the what and why of self-regulation, this new handbook, co-authored by Dr. Susan Hopkins and published by Pearson Canada, addresses the how. How do I incorporate the science and theory of Self-Reg into classroom practices and a process of ongoing learning that will help not only my students, but myself as a teacher? For Self-Reg is truly a process rather than a packaged program. Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators provides clear, yet flexible answers on how to start and maintain your Self-Reg journey.

This Handbook is the companion to our Leadership for Self-Reg Schools Certificate Program.