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Shanker Self-Reg® is a process for enhancing self-regulation by understanding and dealing with stress.

Self-Reg is a valuable and accessible framework for children, youth, and adults as well as people who care about and work with them.

Shanker Self-Reg 5 Domains 5 Steps Practices





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Everyone who works with children or has children in their lives in some capacity should take Self-Reg Foundations. It is grounded in current science, and its message of compassion and hope is inspiring and empowering. I have shifted my view of behaviour and I am already seeing changes in my classroom. I get to the end of the day and week with energy left – not completely drained – and I credit self-reg. If you’re considering taking this course, do it! It will enrich your life and the lives of the children you work with.  – Laura R.

The learning that I have come away with from the Self-Reg in Early Childhood Development program is amazing! Everyone in the ECE field should take this course! I have such a great tool kit to walk away with to help me in enhancing my own Self-Reg journey as well as helping the children I work with. This course has changed my practice for the better and I will keep striving to lend my calm!Carrie

Leadership is so critical to the wellbeing of all members of staff. I have shared the Leadership For Self-Reg Schools program ideas and principles with many leaders and staff at my school with very positive responses. The course presents immediately useable material, plans and approaches which can change and has changed the culture of the school in many aspects. It’s a process in progress to arrive at haven status. The learning and experimenting is exciting. There are many mistakes and re-takes to get it right but we derive energy from the clear evidence of successes to keep going to apply this leadership process. – Chanel H.

“I came to Self-Reg though my work with children and young people, never really thinking about it personally. My journey through Self-Reg Foundations and now Self-Reg Facilitator’s has taken a very personal turn. It has quite literally changed my life personally and professionally. The Facilitator’s course dives deeper in the science, and “how to” of the 5 steps across the 5 domains, and how to share this with others to ignite their Self-Reg journey. Highly recommend this course. – Alix


A Self-Reg Approach to Pressure Cooker Classrooms Live Online Webinar Series From Nov 28 to Dec 2 Hosted By The MEHRIT Centre

A Self-Reg Approach to Pressure Cooker Classrooms

Workshop Series Starting November 28th


Self-Reg Summer Symposium 2023, In Person and Online, July 4-7, 2023

Self-Reg Summer Symposium 2023

Save the Date July 4-7, 2023

More information coming soon!



The MEHRIT Centre is Dr. Stuart Shanker’s organization dedicated to understanding how we all respond to stress in the same way: we thrive when it is positive, we struggle when it is excessive.

Self-Reg Vision


Calm, alert children, youth and adults flourishing in physically and emotionally nurturing environments.

Self-Reg Mission


To ground learning and living in self-regulation.

Self-Reg Mantra


THIS child, THIS youth, THIS parent, THIS teacher, THIS practitioner, THIS classroom, THIS learning space, THIS school, THIS campus, THIS country, THIS community, THIS globe.


Dr. Stuart Shanker 

Founder & Visionary

With Self-Reg we learn how to transform the dream of a Just Society into a reality, one mind at a time.

We are in the midst of a scientific paradigm-revolution in our understanding of the effects of excessive stress on behaviour, social-emotional development, intelligence, empathy, motivation, and character. The theoretical foundation of the Shanker Self-Reg® framework rests on these recent advances in neuroscience, physiology, psychology and clinical practice. The Shanker Method® explores, explains, and applies these new insights in a way that benefits every child, youth, adult and senior.

Self-Reg provides us not just with the why, but also with next steps on “the how”.

  • How to distinguish between maladaptive and growth-promoting modes of managing stress;
  • Between misbehaviour and stress-behaviour;
  • Between laziness and processes deep inside the brain that impede learning or effort.
  • And what to do about it.