Maria Shriver: Is Your Child Misbehaving or Stress Behaving?

Maria Shriver: Is Your Child Misbehaving or Stress Behaving?

In the case of stress-behavior, the child is not fully aware of what he’s doing. He has a limited capacity to restrain himself, or even to process what we’re saying. He didn’t act the way he did for the “wrong” reason; he didn’t act for any reason at all! Rather, his behavior was triggered by systems deep inside the brain that, when a child is under too much stress, heighten impulses while restricting the very parts of the prefrontal cortex needed to refrain from acting on such impulses. Punish a child for what was actually a stress-behavior and all you do is add to the child’s stress load, and your own.

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  1. Anon England May 1, 2019 at 2:09 pm - Reply

    I need advice on this… what if the child’s reaction is physical violence to others at school on a regular basis. Do we ignore it at home, or talk about it, or take away a privilege? I’m not sure any of these 3 suggestions help or make it worse or have no impact whatsoever? Thanks for any advice, desperate.

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