The Buzz about the Book

The Buzz about the Book

The Buzz About the Book. July 10

Stuart Shanker’s new book, Self-Reg: How to Help Your Child (and You) Break the Stress Cycle and Successfully Engage with Life created an instant buzz when it was released in June. In fact, on the first day it was available for purchase, Self-Reg was already the #9 best-selling book on Amazon in Canada. Three weeks later, it  is the bestseller in the child psychology/development category  on and number 1 in stress management on!

In the past few weeks, bloggers, particularly, ones based in the U.S., have taken to the web to post enthusiastic reviews of the book.

Here’s a quote from eminent anthropologist and primate researcher, Barbara J. King, on National Public Radio’s Cosmos and Culture blog.

“The biggest lesson that I’ve taken from Self-Reg is that when a child insists that a teacher’s voice is harsh, or a restaurant or classroom is unbearably bright or loud, we need to recognize (even though we might not experience things that way at all) that the child is very probably not lying, exaggerating or trying to be oppositional. Instead, the child’s biological sensitivities may make her exquisitely reactive in a way that triggers a constant cycle of over-arousal-crash-over-arousal as she tries to cope.”

Other bloggers who weighed in include:

On the TV and radio front, Dr. Shanker will appear on CTV’s national daily talk show, The Social, on July, 14 and will be interviewed by CBC Radio’s Maritime Noon, on July, 15. He was also interviewed by former Canadian Family editor, Brandie Weikle, for her popular podcast, The New Family, which will be available on July 18.

Lastly, Dr.Korean Edition Self-Reg S. recently received his author copies of the Korean edition of Self-Reg. The cover is really interesting. Check it out.

Stuart is thrilled with the initial response to the new book. “I have been watching the remarkable response to the book alongside the news the past few weeks and felt that both speak to the incredible need we see today for Self-Reg

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