Our Top 10 Self-Reg Articles of 2016

Our Top 10 Self-Reg Articles of 2016

2016 was a big year for us here at The MEHRIT Centre. In the summer, Dr. Shanker’s book Self-Reg was published, and seemed to instantly strike a chord with parents and educators around the world. As an organization, we expanded our educational programs to include more courses and webinars, held several events across the country, launched a Self-Reg Tool Kit full of free resources, and opened an online store. We even partnered with Raffi to create a Self-Reg song!

Along the way, we also published a number of articles that used a “Self-Reg lens” to examine all kinds of topics. This list is our top 10 – the ones that got the most attention and resonated most strongly with our community.

  1. The Self-Reg View of ‘Diagnosing’ Oppositional Defiant Disorder by Stuart Shanker: A gentler view of a daunting ‘diagnosis’, and a look into how Self-Reg reframes the ODD labeling of children.
  2. The Self-Reg View of Obesity by Stuart Shanker: Understanding the connection between stress and obesity could change your life. At its essence, this post is about the power of Self-Reg.
  3. Reframing Behaviour at Recess Time by Aviva Dunsiger: Too often, we see what is really stress behaviour as willful misbehaviour. This article helps us understand the real power of pausing and reframing, and shows us how one simple question can totally transform an interaction.
  4. Feeling Tired? Could This Be Why? by Aviva Dunsiger: Even when we love our jobs, they can utterly exhaust us. Here’s why that happens, from a Self-Reg perspective.
  5. The Journey of Learning Self-Reg by Susan Hopkins: Feeling overwhelmed as you start to dive into the science of self-regulation? Our Executive Director Susan Hopkins opens up about the ongoing, lifelong exploration of Self-Reg in this video.
  6. The Self-Reg View of Resilience by Stuart Shanker: In many ways, resilience and the ability to self-regulate are one and the same. Self-Reg shows us why this is the case and how to develop resilience in children.
  7. Fathers and Self-Regulation in Families by John Hoffman: A look into why father involvement is so important in the Self-Reg parenting movement.
  8. Is this Self-Reg? by Susan Hopkins: This vlog explores the five biggest misunderstandings and misconceptions about The Shanker Method of Self-Reg. If you’re new to TMC or to Dr. Shanker’s work, this is a great place to start.
  9. The Self-Reg View of Mindfulness by Stuart Shanker: This three-part series explores the significant overlap between mindfulness and Self-Reg.
  10. What is the Evidence that Self-Reg Works? by Brenda Smith-Chant: The director of research at the Self-Regulation Institute answers this important question about evidence when it comes to Self-Reg research and explains the crucial point that Self-Reg is a framework, not a program.

Honourable Mentions

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