Girls, Body Image, and Food

Girls, Body Image, and Food

Susan Hopkins initiates a discussion on how best to help girls develop healthy and positive relationships with their bodies and food. She shares some of her own experiences around this issue and talks about the strategies and messages she is using with her ten-year-old daughter.

Watch the vlog below or on our YouTube channel here.

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  1. Amy MacDonald June 26, 2018 at 10:10 am - Reply

    I came across this, as I’ve been looking more into self-regulation. In my background as a dietitian and a mom, I really like how Self-Reg can be framed to help understand our eating, activity and self-care behaviours. But I also think it’s much more complicated than just eating when we’re hungry. I think we need to keep in mind how important family meals are for communication, skill building, opportunities for exposures to both familiar and unfamiliar foods, and role modelling. And I think we need to actively address that we’re living in a society that focuses so much on controlling our eating, activity and weight, perpetuating weight bias and negative body image, instead of responding to our bodies needs. We talk about all bodies being worthy of respect, love and care; being careful about not framing foods as good/bad or as a way to control our bodies or our health (same with activity). This is such an importance area for exploration into how best to help kids develop healthy relationships with their bodies, food/eating, and activity.

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