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By Sara Demming

This piece was written by Sara as part of her reflection from the Self-Reg Foundations program.

There is a fine line walked between stress and wellness.

One small thing, one large thing can trigger which state you are in.

You can find yourself stuck in a space of high or low tension or high or low energy.

This can be both positive and negative, but it is stress all the same.

There is a fine line walked between stress and wellness.

The causes can come from different sources.

From family to work, to sensory stimulation to emotions.

There is a connection to the behaviours and emotions we see and the reasons behind them that are unseen.

We just need to sort out a way to manage and deal with them as they come.

There is a fine line walked between stress and wellness.

But you have to be patient with yourself and those around you.

Look upon the situation with soft eyes.

Try to understand the why and why now as to what triggered the stress.

Answer these two questions and it will help you find solutions.

There is a fine line walked between stress and wellness.

Make a conscious effort to be aware of your stress.

Make a conscious effort to recognize what causes you stress.

Make a conscious effort to reduce those stressors once you recognize what they are.

Make a conscious effort to restore yourself or those who are struggling.

There is a fine line walked between stress and wellness.

We have to do our best to choose wellness!

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