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By Martha Aponte

This piece was written by Martha who is a recent graduate of our Self-Reg in Early Childhood Development program.

In the chaos of your mind, when stress arises.

take a step back and close your eyes.

Breathe in deep, let the tension release

Self-Regulation, the path to inner peace.

Every Child deserves a chance to shine,

so let them not be bound by the bell curve’s confine.

The blue brain proclaims logic and reason,

but the red brain tell us chaos  and unreason

in the dance between blue and red 

It’s the delicate dance of balance we expect.

So let the limbic break, 

be a lesson we embrace.

With warmth and compassion, 

the ECE lends a hand and helps the children to stand.

In their presence, little ones find comfort and trust,

as they navigate the world turning fears to dust.

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