Dr. Shanker & TMC

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About The MEHRIT Centre & Shanker Self-Reg®

“TMC is laying the foundation for a paradigm revolution built around the science of self-regulation. Every aspect of how we look at children will be transformed, as we shift from trying to manage or suppress, to understanding and ameliorating their problems in behavior, mood and thinking. We envisage a future in which every sector that engages with children and youth, and their families, are joined together in this way of thinking.” – Dr. Stuart Shanker

Dr. Stuart Shanker formed The MEHRIT Centre (TMC) in 2012.

Our Vision

Calm, alert children, youth and adults flourishing in physically and emotionally nurturing environments.

Our Mission

To ground learning and living in self-regulation.

Our Mantra

THIS child, THIS youth, THIS parent, THIS teacher, THIS practitioner, THIS classroom, THIS learning space, THIS school, THIS campus, THIS community.

Our Strategic Directions

As an organization we are working towards five priorities: 

Our guiding values:

  1. Shanker Self-Reg® is a universal platform (not a targeted intervention or a behaviour management program).
  2. Shanker Self-Reg® is a process not a program.
  3. ALL people are capable of self-regulation, no matter the age, stage or ability level.
  4. Each individual, family, culture and community holds unique Self-Reg expertise.
  5. There is no single set way to do Self-Reg.
  6. There are no quick fixes, Self-Reg is a continual and reflective process.
  7. Self-Reg is for everyone, it’s not just about children and youth.
  8. The well-being of children is inseparable from the well-being of the critical adults in their lives.