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The MEHRIT Centre Team

Stuart Shanker, Founder & CEO
Susan Hopkins, Executive Director

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TMC Executive Bios

Stuart Shanker
Stuart ShankerFounder & Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Stuart Shanker (D.Phil) is a Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Psychology and the CEO of The MEHRIT Centre, Ltd.. His latest books “Reframed: Self-Reg for a Just Society” (University of Toronto Press 2020) and “Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators” (Pearson 2019) co-authored with Susan Hopkins is a follow-up to “Calm, Alert and Learning: Classroom Strategies for Self-Regulation” (Pearson 2012). His book, “Self-Reg: How to Help Your Child (and You) Break the Stress Cycle and Successfully Engage With Life” (2016), still garners enthusiastic reviews and media attention throughout North America and has been published in the UK, the US, Poland, Germany, China, South Korea, The Netherlands, and the Czech Republic.

In 2012 Dr. Shanker founded The MEHRIT Centre as a Self-Reg learning and information centre. Stuart commits considerable time to bringing the research and science of Self-Reg to parents, early childhood educators, teachers, educational leaders, health practitioners and communities through his writings, presentations, online courses, webinars, social media and a blog entitled, “The Self-Reg View”. Read more about Dr. Shanker here.

Susan Hopkins
Susan HopkinsExecutive Director, TMC
A passionate advocate for children, families, schools and communities, Dr. Susan Hopkins is the Executive Director of The MEHRIT Centre. Over Susan’s two decades of experience in education, she has worked in roles in the early years, K-12 and post-secondary across contexts from Italy to the Northwest Territories (NWT) including classroom teacher, program support teacher, vice-principal, district coordinator for inclusion, researcher, curriculum developer, and post-secondary instructor. Susan led the NWT implementation of the Early Development Instrument in kindergarten, co-authored the 10-Year Early Childhood Framework, developed the NWT play and culture-based kindergarten curriculum and led the Planning, Research and Evaluation division for the Department of Education. Under 5+ years of Susan’s leadership, The MEHRIT Centre has evolved into a highly respected, accessible, and successful center for teaching and learning Self-Reg. Susan recently co-authored the Self-Reg Schools Handbook for Educators and developed the online resources for the Principal’s edition with Stuart Shanker (Pearson, 2019).
Liz Shepherd
Liz ShepherdDirector, Operations
Prior to completing her MSc in Psychology at Trent University, Liz was deeply involved in voluntary work both in the USA and the UK. Her voluntary experience ranged from working at an animal shelter to acquiring resources and funds to support local youth. Her passion for volunteering, helping and understanding others led her to pursue a career in psychology and makes her a natural Self-Regger. After several years with The MEHRIT Centre, Liz has been lucky enough to have dipped her toes into all aspects of Self-Reg as well as the how tos of helping run a business. Liz has also worked as a research assistant for the Self-Reg Institute.

What helps Liz stay calm and alert: Listening to music, exploring nature trails, reading, knitting, and borrowing friend’s pets for cuddles.

Colleen Dickinson
Colleen DickinsonExecutive Coordinator, H.R. & Legal
Home is where your heart is and with her grandchildren being in Peterborough ON Colleen is here to stay. The MEHRIT Centre has become her home as well. For 3 years she was Dr Shanker’s executive assistant before moving over to TMC where her diverse experience in finance, customer service, insurance sales and overall organization and planning skills make her a great addition to the TMC executive team.

What helps Colleen stay calm and alert: Spending time with her grandchildren, playing with her ferret and cats, bird watching, whale watching, animals and exploring new places.

TMC Staff

Adam Kemp
Adam KempExecutive and Research Assistant
Prior to starting at TMC Adam began his career as a research scientist, with a focus on molecular biology and cell culture. Adam has worked in research laboratories and for a startup biotech company and so learning, innovation and discovery have always been a part of his daily routine. Adam was introduced to Self-Reg by his wife Liz and has volunteered at numerous TMC events over the years. Adam is excited to bring his background in biology and R&D, as well as a desire to help others and apply it to an exciting new area.

What helps Adam stay calm and alert: Getting out into nature, going to the cottage, a good laugh with friends, reading, a good TV series and staying active.

Anne Showalter
Anne ShowalterProject Manager, R&D Division
Anne is a trained and experienced educator, an academic, a writer, a mum to three amazing young humans, and a massive over thinker!

After several years managing research and partnerships at SRI Self Regulation Institute, Anne is thrilled to continue her relationship with the Self-Reg community that she has come to admire and be inspired by.

Anne passionate about Shanker Self-Reg® because the framework provides us key understandings and opportunities to care for ourselves and each other so that we can all a thrive in our beautiful diverse ways.

What drives – and stresses – Anne more than anything else is the need and struggle for social justice for all.

Anne finds calm in the cracks, in moments stolen to read, to write, to support another person in small or big ways, or to just look out the window.

Ashley Marcoux
Ashley MarcouxEvent Coordinator and Client Care
Ashley graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours in Psychology and Fine Art. She married her high school sweetheart, and while planning their wedding discovered her love of event coordination. She has several certificates in Event Management and worked for four years as an Event Coordinator at a banquet hall planning many social and corporate events before coming to work at The MEHRIT Centre. She is a huge believer in having a job that you love, and is grateful to be part of the team at TMC. She’s always optimistic, almost always has a smile on her face, and truly believes there is good in everyone. Ashley had a sweet baby girl in August of 2016 and is drawn to Self-Reg as a way to manage the positive and negative stressors that come with being a parent, and wants to learn more about helping her daughter understand and successfully manage stress as she grows up.

What helps Ashley stay calm and alert: A cup of good coffee in the morning (sometimes a whole pot!), snuggles with her daughter and spending time with her hubby and family, looking through old photo albums, blasting music in her car while singing at the top of her lungs, and visiting extended family in Newfoundland.

Jamie Barker
Jamie BarkerClient Care Coordinator
Jamie joined TMC in 2017 as the Client Service Representative and has learned so many wonderful things along her journey with TMC. Jamie is truly excited to continue this journey as Client Care Coordinator for TMC.

Completing the Foundations program in 2018, Jamie has introduced Self-Reg into her daily life which has also help discover new ways to help bring a little calm into her busy life. Jamie moved to Peterborough in 2007 where she met her husband and began her career in customer service and administration. Jamie received her certificate in Medical Office Support Staff in December 2014, and her passion for the health and wellness of others was firmly cemented after taking on the position as Client Services for TMC.

Jamie and her husband adopted their dog, Oliver, in 2018 and he has been a very important addition to their life.
What helps Jamie stay calm and alert: Going for walks with Oliver and her husband, going to the cottage/being near water, her amazing Self-Reg team, reading and walking down to her favorite local café for an ice cream or a London Fog.

John Hoffman
John HoffmanCommunications Officer & Newsletter Editor
John has had three distinct careers that have blended together at times: roots musician, stay-at-home father and freelance writer. A former long-time columnist and feature writer for Today’s Parent, John now specializes in knowledge translation, blogging and writing for not-profit organizations like The MEHRIT Centre, The Psychology Foundation of Canada and Dad Central Ontario.

What helps John stay calm and alert: Playing the fiddle, sailing his Laser and making wisecracks.

Paula Jurczak
Paula JurczakDean of eLearning & Self-Reg Consultant
Paula Jurczak is a Registered Clinical Counselor, Registered Social Worker, DIR Clinician and Training Leader and Self-Regulation Consultant in BC specializing in assessment and treatment of infants, children and adolescents with complex mental health issues, specialized medical conditions and special needs. Paula holds a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and a Bachelors Degree in Social Work. Paula uses a strength based, family centered multidisciplinary approach and her work is informed by current research and evidence based intervention. Paula maintains a private practice using DIR and Self-Regulation models to support individuals experiencing attachment and regulatory challenges, behavioral and emotional difficulties, autism and neurodevelopmental disorders and mental health issues. She is the Dean of eLearning for The Mehrit Centre (TMC) and works collaboratively to support Self-Regulation in schools, organizations, health and social service agencies across Canada. Paula Jurczak also presents internationally and provides psychoeducational workshops, reflective parent coaching, online support services and support groups and consultation to hospitals, mental health clinics, preschools and schools.

What helps Paula stay calm and alert: Music, walking, tea, reading a good book, cardio salsa, time with friends and loved ones.

Stephanie Cudmore
Stephanie CudmoreContent Marketing Specialist
Stephanie joined TMC in June of 2018 as the Digital Communications Assistant, and in June of 2019 became the Content Marketing Specialist. She brings with her a background in marketing, and specifically social media marketing. Her degree in Sociology from The University of Western Ontario, her social media training through Algonquin College, and a variety of professional and life experiences have set her up well to take on this role. The values associated with Self-Reg support her own personal values of promoting well-being for all, with the well-being of her family being first and foremost.

What helps Stephanie stay calm and alert: Spending time with her husband and teenage daughter and son, time at the cottage, being on the water, and laughing with friends.

Stephen Retallick
Stephen RetallickeSchool Administrator & I.T. and Systems Manager
Before working at The MEHRIT Centre, Stephen found solace as a librarian in a small local library. As a graduate of Fleming College, Stephen uses his background in technology to perform his countless responsibilities. His interests include exploring his family’s genealogy, increasing his knowledge of world history and encouraging his wife to do the same.

What helps Stephen stay calm and alert: Spending time with his wife and son, eating dark chocolate and listening to classical music.

Tania Moher
Tania MoherGraphic Designer
Tania is excited to join The MEHRIT Centre team as a graphic design assistant. Her previous background is in newspaper and magazine work. She lives at home with her husband and two boys.

What helps Tania stay calm and alert: Spending time with her family, four-
wheeling, watching a good movie and snuggling with her dogs.

Taylor Wilson
Taylor WilsonLearning Navigator and Teaching Assistant
Taylor is a strong believer in the power of personal relationships. With over five years in the service industry as a server and youth leader at her local church, Taylor continues to serve as a customer service assistant for the Self-Reg community. Currently pursuing Psychology at Trent University, Taylor hopes to translate this degree into a career as a Speech and Language Pathologist. While still new to Self-Reg, Taylor is eager to learn more about Dr. Shanker’s methods.

What helps Taylor stay calm and alert: Listening to music, singing, reading for pleasure, watching Downtown Abbey, taking nature walks and spending time with family.

Travis Francis
Travis FrancisTeaching Assistant, Research Assistant
Travis is currently pursuing a degree in Interdisciplinary studies at Lakehead University in Orillia with a specialization in Psychology and Criminology. One of the youngest members of The MEHRIT Centre’s team, Travis works as a Teaching and Research Assistant. Having presented on Self-Regulation at the Conference on Holistic Early Learning and Development as well as the Canadian Conference on Student Leadership, Travis has a strong understanding of Self-Regulation and is eager to expand his knowledge.

What helps Travis stay calm and alert: Performing with his band as a guitarist, playing with his two golden retriever puppies and staying active on the Lakehead University hockey team.

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