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Lots of people get really excited when they start learning about Self-Reg and they want to dive in right away. And that’s great! But, like any new way of doing or thinking about your life, relationships, and issues, learning to practice Self-Reg can be challenging, in multiple ways.

For Example…

Self-Reg is offers us a new way to understand and address behaviour, attitude, mood and wellness, in ourselves as well as others. But the old, self-controlist thinking is so ingrained that it’s hard to overcome. But there can be other challenges in developing sound Self-Reg practice.

Today’s Question: 

What has been your biggest challenge (or challenges) in learning to practice Self-Reg?

In the comments below share your Self-Reg challenges, how you are dealing with them. Or even share your questions on this topic. Maybe someone else will have a good answer for you.