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01mar9:30 am4:30 pmSelf-Reg Community Presentation with Kinark Family Services in Peterborough, Ontario featuring Stefani BuroschStaff Training on topics such as: Self Reg and Mental Health; Self-Reg and Mental Health; Strategies for Self-Reg and Mental Health, Self-Reg and Explosive Behavior, and Self-Reg for Parents. 

02mar9:15 am10:30 amSelf-Reg Community Presentation with Strive featuring Angie Rosati in London, OntarioWinter Rethink 2019 Conference

04mar11:00 am12:00 pmSelf-Reg Community Presentation organized by the Manitoba First Nation Education Resource Centre - Featured speaker Dr. Susan Hopkins

07mar11:00 amSelf-Reg Foundations Certificate ProgramFull Program

07mar11:01 amFoundations 1: The Bio Domain: The Brain, Stress and Self-RegulationSelf-Reg Foundations Certificate Program

07mar11:02 amFoundations 2: Self-Reg and Emotional, Social, Cognitive and Pro-Social Well-BeingSelf-Reg Foundations Certificate Program

07mar11:03 amFoundations 3: Self-Reg and Mental Health Across the LifespanSelf-Reg Foundations Certificate Program

07mar11:04 amFoundations 4: The Shanker Self-Reg Method in ContextSelf-Reg Foundations Certificate Program

16mar9:00 am11:30 amSelf-Reg Community Presentation with City Church, Montreal featured speaker Rebecca Leslie

21mar7:00 pm8:30 pmSelf-Reg Community Presentation with Jackman Avenue Junior Public School featured speaker Dr. Brenda Smith-ChantMath & Self-Regulation, Anxiety, and Well-Being

27mar8:30 am12:30 pmSelf-Reg Community Presentation: Dr. Stuart Shanker at the Kelowna 4Children EventsStress Management vs. Breaking a Stress Cycle

28mar9:00 am4:00 pmSelf-Reg Community Presentation with Seasons Centre for Grieving Children: Featured Speaker Dr. Susan Hopkins Building Resilience Through Co-regulation in Barrie, Ontario