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March Break is coming to an end. Just like Doug Peterson, it’s one of my favourite holidays. I’ve definitely enjoyed the time to read, relax, nap, sleep in, walk the dog, and connect with some family and friends. It’s now the weekend in lead-up to going back, and I can’t help but think about Self-Reg in some choices that I make.

My Intentional Self-Reg Choices

We all have different things that make us feel calm, and The MEHRIT Centrewith special thanks to Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins — have helped me realize just how personal Self-Reg can be. Knowing that adjusting to going back to school could bring some stress, I’ve decided to make some intentional Self-Reg choices this weekend.

  • I’ve downloaded a few good books to read. I might only finish one of them, or maybe I’ll manage to finish both, but either way, these are quick, fast-paced reads that are sure to capture my attention and allow for a little extra quiet time, which I love.
  • I’ve booked a manicure for tomorrow. Now that I’m in a teaching position that does not always lead to my hands being submerged in paint and water, I’ve treated myself to a manicure every couple of weeks. (I know that I’m privileged to be able to afford this expense, and I feel fortunate that I can make this work.) I love that for an hour at least, my phone is away, I’m not working, I can be pampered a bit, and I can take some quiet time to think and reflect. My nails probably could have lasted another week, but before heading back to school, I want to prioritize this me-time.
  • I’m meeting a friend for lunch. We thought about booking dinner for this upcoming week instead, but it will be nice to meet a little earlier, when neither one of us have to worry about school work to do or what time the alarm needs to be set for the next morning. 🙂 Sharing some laughs, good conversation, and delicious food will b e a wonderful way to unwind before going back to school.
  • I’m blogging. For some people, blogging might be seen as a chore and anything but calming, but for me, this is an important way that I reflect. Taking time to do this before heading back is a key Self-Reg choice for me.
  • I’m taking some extra time to exercise. Since COVID started, I’ve been very consistent with my exercise routine. I have a stationary bike that I love, and I get up by 4:00 every school day (yes, the time is EARLY but it works for me 🙂 ), so that I can get an hour in on the bike before I get ready for the day. This weekend, I’m giving myself some extra time to pedal as well as to walk the dog. When I’m on the bike or dog walking, I’m not on my phone, answering emails, or sending off texts. The time to read a book (while on the bike) or just think (while on a walk) is so important for me, and always makes me feel better!

What About You?

I might have shared some ideas in my post that are also Self-Reg options for you, but I know that there are sure to be more than the five that I outlined. What are some of your intentional Self-Reg choices? Maybe these will be things that you consider before heading back to school on Monday, or maybe they’re choices that you make every weekend to revitalize you before work begins again.

I keep thinking about this important Self-Reg message by Stuart Shanker.

Our level of stress impacts on children, so taking the time to care for ourselves, also has tremendous value for the kids in our care. As much as I always want to use my time on the weekend or on a holiday to prepare for going back to school, maybe one of the best ways that I can prepare is to take care of ME. How do you do this? By sharing our ideas, maybe we can each find a few new Self-Reg choices that work for us.