Some Self-Reg resources to support our community while we all work together to flatten the COVID-19 Curve.


Self-Regging Our Way Through COVID-19

with Stuart Shanker & Susan Hopkins

Explore the Self-Reg view on panic buying, hope, comfort foods, caremongering and much more with Stuart and Susan in our Self-Regging Our Way Through COVID-19 video series, exclusively on our Co-Reg Community.

Free with our extended 3 month Co-Reg Community trial. 

Vlog: A Self Reg Lens on Returning to School during the COVID-19 Pandemic

In this video, Susan Hopkins shows us how the Energy-Centred Teaching Model (ProtECT, DetECT CollECT and ConnECT) can help educators reflect on and manage the challenges of returning to school in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vlog: A COVID Scare: 10 Self-Reg Reframes to Bring Safety and Calm to the Kids in Your Care

After a COVID scare close to home, Susan has a series of 10 Self-Reg reframes for when approaching COVID with the children in your care. Join Susan for the story of her daughter’s recent stay at the hospital and the many ‘ah ha’s Susan had along the way.

Self-Reg Diaries Series with Susan & Siena Hopkins

Our Executive Director, Susan Hopkins talks with her daughter Siena about our current situation with COVID-19, how talking with kids helps, and how we can help them (and they can help us) Self-Regulate. All free on our YouTube Channel.


Caring for the Caregivers Event

The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have placed new demands on the shoulders of the adults who are responsible for the care and education of children. In this online event, Susan Hopkins will focus on adult well-being, offering practical Self-Reg strategies for building and maintaining the resilience of educators, parents, and all others who care for and work with children.

This event will be reoffered in the spring, or you can contact to access the recorded event until Nov 30, 2020 for $50. 

Updated School Toolkit | Coming Fall 2020

Following the success of our 2017/18 Self-Reg School Toolkit, we are in the process of developing an updated School Toolkit, accounting for the stressors our students will be facing with Back to School this fall.

Access our 2017/18 Toolkit here.

Professional Learning 

Self-Reg 101 For All | Available Now! |$600/team

Moving away from a classroom focus, this PLS series will focus on Self-Reg 101 for non-school groups. Be that corporate, law enforcement, legal, government or research teams, Susan Hopkins will guide you through both the 5 Domains (Biological, Emotion, Cognitive, Social & Prosocial) and the 5 Steps (Reframe, Recognize, Reduce, Reflect & Respond) of the Shanker Self-Reg® Framework. 

Self-Reg Framework 101 | $600/team

This webinar series, hosted by Dr. Susan Hopkins, explains the science and theory behind Self-Reg, focusing on being a stress detective in the 5 Domains of stressors: Biological, Emption, Cognitive, Social & Prosocial. Explore the inpact these stressors have on the stressloads of the children and staff in our care. Reducing these energy zapping stressors frees up valuable energy for learning. 

The Shanker Method 101 | $600/team

Designed to build on the Self-Reg Framework 101 series or be taken as a stand alone offering, this webinar-based course dives into the 5-Step Shanker Method® at the heart of Self-Reg Practice with the 5 Steps. Reframe the behaviour. Recognize & Reduce the Stressors. Reflect: enhance stress awareness. Respond: develop personal strategies for resilience and restoration.