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Calm: A physiological/psychological state in which: the brain is producing alpha waves; digestion and restorative metabolic processes are activated; muscles are relaxed; heart-rate and breathing have slowed; blood pressure is lower; the stress-response is muted; the mind is quiet. In this neurophysiological state endogenous opioids are released, producing feelings of peacefulness and contentedness. 

Becoming calm: One cannot decide to be calm, or force oneself to be calm.This is the reason why Self-Reg is so restorative: it serves as a pathway to becoming calm, which is what makes restoration (in all its many senses) possible.

Calm begets calm: The Interbrain serves as a Calmness Conduit. Through soft eyes, soothing voice, gentle touch, we help the child enter the same physiological/ psychological/ neurobiological state that we are in.

Knowing what calm feels like: Self-Reg serves as a pathway to all the aspects of calm described above. Step-by-step one feels one’s muscles relaxing, the mind quieting, a feeling of tranquility slowly taking over.

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