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One very important part of Self-Reg, one that is easy to overlook at times, is the importance of restoration. Reducing stress is a biggie, obviously. But mindful self-regulation also involves being able to restore the energy that we burn, and ease the tension that builds up, as our brains and bodies work to respond to the stressors we encounter. This, of course, is Practice 5 of Self-Reg.

Restoration is multi-faceted and individual. People have all sorts of ways of restoring: yoga, dancing, music, going to the gym, connecting with a good friend, engaging in a hobbies or activities we enjoy, to name just a few. What works for one person might not work for or be accessible to another. What works on one occasion might not work for another. Thus an important part of the Self-Reg learning is learning the ways to restore that a) we can do and b) work for us.

This tool is a blank template that can be used to record personalized ways to restore, or in learning groups, as a tool for brainstorming ways to that adults and/or children can restore and get back to brain/body balance.

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