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We help Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) and early years teams learn to reframe the signs of dysregulated stress states while developing the co-regulation skills and strategies that make a difference for all children in their care — especially those with the most challenging behaviours.


Self-Reg in Early Childhood Development Certificate Program, image of a laughing child
Self-Reg Framework 101 Exploring Stressors Across the 5 Domains, image of a child with painted hands held up in a heart shape
Reframe the Behaviour, reframe won't (judgmental) to can't yet (curious)
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"When you change how you perceive a child they respond<br />
intuitively to the change that they sense in you." Stuart Shanker


children gathered around their teacher who is reading to them

Self-Reg in the Early Years

The early years are a time of extraordinary growth and development. Children’s capacity for self-regulation—how they manage energy expenditure in response to stressors and then recover from the effort—is wired during these critical years.

Five Domains of Self-Reg

Self-Regulation: The Five Domains

Explore the five Domains of the Shanker Self-Reg® Framework – biological, emotion, cognitive, social & prosocial. Self-regulation refers to the way an individual deals with stress, in all its many forms, and then recovers from the energy expended.

children gathered around their teacher who is reading to them

Embracing A New School Reality For The Early Years

A Changing Vision: For years, I believed that self-regulation — like the other Learning Skills — were always secondary to academics. I was so concerned about meeting benchmarks. Then last year, I had a class that challenged my beliefs.


ECD quote from Susan Hopkins: You can't learn Self-Reg without a profound sense of hope.


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What is Self-Reg?

Self-Reg is a pathway to calm, resilience, motivation, learning, & well-being.

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Explore how learning Shanker Self-Reg can help your approach to behaviour, dysregulation, emotions and any of the challenges that brought you to Self-Reg as a someone who cares.

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Self-Reg can be practical, community based and woven with other initiatives, movements or priorities. How can you bring Self-Reg to your community or context?

What is Applied Self-Reg Knowledge?

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Havens are our dream for all! A Self-Reg Haven is a place where everyone feels safe in every way: physically, emotionally, socially, and culturally.

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Reframing Stress Behaviour with Gray Brain Science

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