What We Do

We help K-12 teachers, principals and school teams learn to apply the brain-body science of stress, dysregulation, self-regulation to reframe and respond to challenging student behaviours, enhance student resilience and get back to teaching and learning.

Why Self-Reg in Schools Matters

Student well-being and mental health – dealing with misbehaviour – getting back to the curriculum – seeing beneath the behaviour – reducing suspensions – compassion for kids – being understood and respected – treated as professionals – strategies & how


The Energy-Centred Teaching Model (ProtECT, ConnECT, CollECT & DetECT) and the 5 Look Fors in a Self-Reg Haven (Safe, Rooted, Balanced, Capable, Trusted)
Self-Reg Havens 101 Professional Learning Series image of children smiling and looking down at the camera in a circle
The Self-Reg Show: A Self-Reg Podcast logo with Stuart and Susan laughing
Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators - Calm, Alert & Learning was the spark Self-Reg Schools A Handbook for Educators brings the how


Boys at schools gathered around their teacher

Self-Reg for Elementary Teachers

The ultimate Self-Reg goal is to help children acquire the necessary understanding of when and how to manage their own energy and tension, so they can adapt to the ever-changing and increasing stresses of life.

schools as self-reg havens

The Self-Reg View of: Schools as “Self-Reg Havens”

A Self-Reg Haven is a school in which everyone, students and staff, feel emotionally as well as physically safe. But before we can wrestle with the How we have to clarify the What: i.e., get clear on what it means to “feel safe.”

From Seeds to Glitter

From Seed to Glitter

When I started learning about Self-Reg the idea of planting seeds of knowledge aligned well with my journey. I was starting the journey on my own, so I was able to look at my own regulation but also spread a LOT of seeds along the way.