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We help K-12 teachers, principals and school teams learn to apply the brain-body science of stress, dysregulation, and self-regulation. Self-Reg allows us to reframe and respond to challenging student behaviours, enhance student resilience and get back to teaching and learning.


4 Series to Choose From: Havens, Framework, Haven and the Shanker Method, image of five children in a circle looking down at the camera
Our Self-Reg Schools Handbook. image of the Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators book cover
Our tools, image of the 5 Self-Reg Have Look Fors: Safe, rooted, balanced, capable & trusted
The Self-Reg Show, image of Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins smiling
"One thing that is clear is that no child chooses to be left behind,<br />
and if it seems that way, you have not dug deeply enough." Stuart Shanker


Boys at schools gathered around their teacher

Self-Reg for Elementary Teachers

If we are going to “lend students our calm,” we first have to understand our own stress and know how to manage our own energy and tension. Self-Reg can help us understand and respond to the roots of behaviour, learning, motivation and social problems in…

From Seeds to Glitter

From Seed to Glitter

When I started learning about Self-Reg the idea of planting seeds of knowledge aligned well with my journey. I was starting the journey on my own, so I was able to look at my own regulation but also spread a LOT of seeds along the way. I was able to plant seeds by…

schools as self-reg havens

The Self-Reg View of: Schools as “Self-Reg Havens”

a Self-Reg Haven is a school in which everyone, students and staff, feel emotionally as well as physically safe. But then, such an answer might seem to border on the trite. After all, scientists have been reporting on the importance of…


Educator quote by Aviva Dunsiger: Imagine if we never thought about children as<br />
"this child" or "that child", but just as a child.


Unleash the Power of Self-Reg for your Organization: A Dive into the Self-Reg Professional Learning Series

Unleash the Power of Self-Reg for your Organization: A Dive into the Self-Reg Professional Learning Series

In a world marked by constant change and complexity, organizations and individuals alike seek ways to thrive amidst the chaos. Enter The MEHRIT's Centre's Self-Reg Professional Learning Series, a collection of courses designed to empower both individuals and...

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