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Self-Reg Community Presentation: Dr. Stuart Shanker at the Kelowna 4Children Events

27mar8:30 am12:30 pmSelf-Reg Community Presentation: Dr. Stuart Shanker at the Kelowna 4Children EventsStress Management vs. Breaking a Stress Cycle

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Stress management is often discussed in terms of adaptive coping. We are taught that stress is a normal part of life and we must teach children to cope with it. Yet Self-Reg tells us that stress management is not just a question of coping but also a question of managing energy flow and recovering the energy expended in dealing with stressors. Moreover, coping, which often involves exerting self-control, uses considerable amounts of a child’s energy. If we can not reduce stressors and break stress cycles that affect our children they will becontinually draining their energy coping with an excessive stress load. Shanker Self-Reg®, a powerful method for understanding stress and managing tension and energy, shows us how to recognize and address the signs of excessive stress and stress cycles in children (and ourselves). Dr Shanker’s session include explorations and practical applications of:

  • The impact of an excessive stress load on a child’s energy, mood, behaviour and learning
  • The Triune brain: Limbic versus learning states and the limbic brake
  • The five domains of Self-Reg: biological, emotion, cognitive, social and pro-social
  • The difference between self-regulation and self-control, and the difference between stress behaviour and mis-behaviour



(Wednesday) 8:30 am - 12:30 pm


Coast Capri Hotel

1171 Harvey Avenue