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Self-Reg Summer Symposium 2023 We Are the Strategy In-Person July 4-6, 2023

Join Stuart Shanker in this enlightening Reframing Bullying webinar series as we dive deep into the complexities of bullying behaviour and explore transformative strategies to reshape our approach. Through cutting-edge science, personal anecdotes, and a focus on Self-Reg, this series will empower you with valuable insights and practical tools to make a positive impact in addressing bullying.

If you cannot attend the live version of the webinar series with Stuart Shanker, the learning opportunity will not end there. All webinars will be recorded and available on our Learning Hub for registered participants. There will be a discussion area on the HUB for Q & As as well as part of the series and there will be readings that go along with content, transcripts from the live talks, tools to support learning and the application of the learning. 

Access to recordings will be available until the end of January 2024.


Reframing Bullying: 8-Webinar Series


CARE Begets CARE; Lack of CARE Begets Bullying

With Stuart Shanker


Webinar 1: CARE Begets CARE; Lack of CARE Begets Bullying | AUG 25, 10:30 AM | $18

Join Stuart Shanker in this enlightening webinar where he intertwines cutting-edge science with the power of Self-Reg to provide a fresh outlook on bullying. Together, we’ll unravel the roots of bullying behaviour and its link to the troubling concept of anomie, where our shared humanity and boundless desires clash. Discover the transformative role of interconnectedness in combating bullying and fostering a compassionate society. Through relatable stories and scientific wisdom, we’ll navigate the intricate relationship between anomie and bullying, and explore ‘start here’ strategies.

Webinar 2: The Yin-Yang of Self-Regulation | SEPT 8, 10:00 AM | $18

Join Stuart Shanker in this captivating second webinar of the Reframing Bullying series as we explore the world of complex bullying behaviours. Challenge long-held assumptions as we uncover the profound impact of homeostatic imbalances in the intricate Gray Brain. Confront the absence of empathy, the pride, and the justifications wielded by bullies. Discover the empowering role of self-regulation’s yin-yang dynamic in tackling these intricate behaviours and rekindling empathy.

Webinar 3: The Roots of Aggression | SEPT 22, 10:00 AM | $18

In this fascinating third webinar of the Reframing Bullying series, Stuart Shanker takes us on an exploration of aggression’s deep roots. Unpack the distinction between proactive and reactive aggression, both intertwined with bullying behaviour. Delve into the enigmatic nature of aggression, where intentions blur and actions vary. Uncover the illuminating neurobiological framework proposed by Panksepp & Zellner, spotlighting the SEEKING and RAGE Primitive Emotion Circuits (PECs) at play in bullying. Unlock the secrets of homeostatic imbalances and the vicious cycle of unfulfilled SEEKING in bullying behaviour.

Webinar 4: The Bullying Cycle | OCT 6, 10:00 AM | $18

Join us for an engaging webinar with Stuart Shanker as we continue our series on “Reframing Bullying.” In this insightful session, we’ll explore the intricate dynamics of the Bullying Cycle and uncover surprising traits displayed by bullies, including ridiculously high self-esteem. Discover how bullying behaviours gain momentum in middle school, where it can be mistakenly seen as cool and rewarded with elevated status. Gain insights into the neurobiological aspects of bullying, the fleeting nature of dominance, and the internal conflicts that perpetuate the cycle. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on this perplexing issue.

Webinar 5: The Neurobiology of the PLAY and LUST Circuits in Bullying Dynamics | OCT 19, 10:00 AM | $18

Join us for an engaging webinar as Stuart Shanker continues our series, “Reframing Bullying.” Explore the scientific underpinnings of the midbrain PLAY and LUST PECs  in bullying dynamics. Discover the neurobiological underpinnings of PLAY and its impact on pleasure and pain regulation. Explore the complexities of LUST, dominance, and resource accessibility, and their connection to bullying behaviour.  Gain insights into the interplay between LUST and RAGE when desires are frustrated. Discover how understanding these scientific aspects opens doors to transformative strategies.  Don’t miss this engaging webinar where science meets empathy, offering new perspectives on addressing bullying.

Webinar 6: The Missing Piece | NOV 3, 10:00 AM | $18

Join Stuart Shanker in this thought-provoking webinar as we uncover the crucial missing piece in understanding bullying: empathy and the midbrain CARE system. Uncover the remarkable scientific insights into oxytocin, the linchpin of the mammalian CARE system, and its influence in reducing bullying tendencies and suppressing stress hormones. Gain a deeper understanding of the intricate interplay of hormones, nociception, and oxytocin, shedding light on the self-harmful nature of bullying.

Webinar 7: The Not-So-Hidden Epidemic | NOV 16, 10:00 AM | $18

Discover the surprising connection between bullying, narcissism, and antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) in this compelling webinar with Stuart Shanker. Learn about Twenge and Campbell’s groundbreaking research on the narcissism epidemic, exploring its origins and impact on empathy and aggression. Gain insights into the rise of ASPD and its implications for society, shedding light on the erosion of social and moral norms. Uncover the role of the Gray Brain and the suppression of empathy in ASPD, while exploring the interplay between biology and environment. Learn how nurturing Interbrains and restoring homeostatic balance can help address these complex issues.

Webinar 8: Reframing Bullying - No Such Thing as a Bad Kid | DEC 1, 10:00 AM | $18

Join Stuart Shanker for the eighth webinar in the Reframing Bullying series exploring the transformative power of understanding, CARE, and Self-Reg in changing trajectories. Discover how Self-Reg prompts questions, differentiates self-regulation from self-control, and utilizes understandings of the Red and Gray Brains. Stuart shares personal experiences, showcasing how the “No such thing as a bad kid” heuristic, in practice, avoids hasty judgments.Gain insights into the impact of low serotonin on aggression, impulsivity, and emotional regulation. Learn strategies to prevent predatory seeking and foster a supportive environment. Reflect on society’s role in nurturing empathy and connection amidst anomie and communication breakdowns. Don’t miss this empowering discussion on transforming lives through Self-Reg.


Self-Reg Presentations and Workshops

TMC has a fantastic team of Self-Reg presenters available for a range of interactive sessions to help your team learn about the brain, stress, and self-regulation. Whether you are looking for an introduction to Shanker Self-Reg® or a deeper look into Self-Reg Havens, Mental Health, or Parenting, we would love to come out and share Self-Reg knowledge with your community or team.

Currently, all presentations and workshops are being conducted online. We will resume on site presentations once we deem it safe for our presenters to do so. Contact for more information and pricing.

Susan Hopkins Presenting


Shanker Talks

#ShankerTalks Webinars

Join Drs. Shanker & Hopkins as they synthesize the latest neuroscience and re-contextualize past discoveries, philosophies, and ideologies for us to understand in today’s world. Series highlights:

What is Self-Reg and Why Does it Matter?

Caught in a Stress Cycle

The Anxieties Epidemic

Deep Brain Terrain

Self-Reg Professional Learning Series Banner

Self-Reg Summer Symposium

Our annual Self-Reg Symposium (SRSS) went online from 2020 – 2022 and we welcome you to explore all the great Self-Reg luminaries from Stuart, Susan and our Self-Reggers on catch up:

Living, Learning & Linking Program (including SRSS 2020 content and more!)

SRSS 2021 Luminaries

SRSS 2022 Luminaries

Free Parenting event image

Free Webinars

We truly believe Self-Reg is a grassroots movement, and we hope to share it with families, schools and communities around the world. Feel free to share these free webinars to spark a Self-Reg movement where you are.

An Intro to Self-Reg for Parents

SRSS 2021 Parent Night

QUESTIONS-RÉPONSES Votre enfant, Self-Reg et vous : avec Stuart Shanker


Self-Reg Mentoring

For Individuals Looking to Dive Deeper

Mentoring is a new educational offering available. Participants will have a unique, guided opportunity to increase their knowledge of Shanker Self-Reg® and deepen the learning and insights gained in our online courses through one-on-one, online discussions with a knowledgeable and supportive mentor.

  • Get support in identifying your Self-Reg learning goals
  • Explore specific areas of Self-Reg that interest you
  • Extend the dialogue and reflection from any Self-Reg courses you have completed or events you have attended

Meet our mentors below and email to book today!

Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions.

Note that mentoring is not a clinical service and will be conducted in line with our Terms of Use

Self-Reg Consulting

For Groups, Schools, Boards or Orgs Looking to Bring Self-Reg to Their Community on a Larger Scale

Consulting is a special service offered to leaders of schools or organizations, and Self-Reg learning groups and/or their leaders. The initial steps in a Self-Reg initiative are exciting and energizing. But then it can be hard to know where to go next or how to get there. Our consultants will help you take your Self-Reg initiative or learning group to the next level with flexible consulting services tailored to your needs, such as

  • Personalized training/learning for teams
  • Development of evaluation frameworks and/or RADAR-based plans for Self-Reg initiatives
  • Integrating Self-Reg with existing programs, practices and policies

Contact to book today!

Note that consulting is not a clinical service and will be conducted in line with our Terms of Use. 

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Self-Reg is a pathway to calm, resilience, motivation, learning, & well-being.

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Havens are our dream for all! A Self-Reg Haven is a place where everyone feels safe in every way: physically, emotionally, socially, and culturally.

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