Face to Face Learning

Below you will find a collection of in-person or online Face to Face (F2F) learning options. Once it is safe for our staff to do so we will release future in-person events.



SRSS 2021 is tentatively booked for

JULY 6-9th, 2021

Online Self-Reg Summer Sumposium 2020

An event like no other, SRSS attracts Self-Reggers from across the globe to live and learn Self-Reg together! Usually held at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, we moved our symposium online for the month of July in an effort to care for the health and well-being of our attendees and team.

Self-Reg offers incredible insight not only to the current times we face together, but also in our daily lives both personally and professionally. Our theme for this symposium, Self-Reg, Equity and Well-Being, is as important now as it has ever been. Self-Reg is vital for today’s children, communities and schools.

Although the live portion of our event in July has now passed, you can still extend your access or register to catch all of our SRSS 2020 content until Dec 31, 2020 HERE. You can also access chunks of the great SRSS content in our upcoming Living, Learning & Linking Program, Back to School Mini-Course, or our other great Self-Reg online learning offerings. 

Watch our FREE Parenting Evening here!


Self-Reg Mentoring | Now Available!

Mentoring is a new educational offering available to individuals who have completed one of our Self-Reg certificate courses (Foundations Certificate Program, Early Childhood Development or Leadership for Self-Reg Schools). Participants will have a unique, guided opportunity to increase their knowledge of Shanker Self- Reg and deepen the learning and insights gained in our online courses through one-on-one, online discussions with a knowledgeable and supportive mentor.

  • Extend the dialogue and reflection from the course you completed
  • Get support in identifying your Self-Reg learning goals
  • Explore specific areas of Self-Reg that interest you

Note that mentoring is not a clinical service and will be conducted in line with our Terms of Use. Check back here soon for more details!

Self-Reg Consulting

Consulting is a special service offered to leaders of schools or organizations, and Self-Reg learning groups and/or their leaders. The initial steps in a Self-Reg initiative are exciting and energizing. But then it can be hard to know where to go next or how to get there. Our consultants will help you take your Self-Reg initiative or learning group to the next level with flexible consulting services tailored to your needs, such as

  • Personalized training/learning for teams
  • Development of evaluation frameworks and/or RADAR-based plans for Self-Reg initiatives
  • Integrating Self-Reg with existing programs, practices and policies

Contact info@self-reg.ca to book today!

Note that consulting is not a clinical service and will be conducted in line with our Terms of Use. Check back here soon for more details!


Self-Reg Presentations and Workshops

TMC has a fantastic team of Self-Reg certified presenters available for a range of interactive sessions to help your team learn about the brain, stress, and self-regulation. Whether you are looking for an introduction to Shanker Self-Reg® or a deeper look into Self-Reg Havens, Mental Health, or Parenting, we would love to come out and share Self-Reg knowledge with your community or team. 

Currently, all presentations and workshops are being conducted online. We will resume on site presentations once we deem it safe for our presenters to do so. Contact info@self-reg.ca for more information and pricing.