Facilitators within the Self-Reg eSchool (web-based learning environment)

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ESchool Facilitator within the Self-Reg eSchool (web-based learning environment)

Area of work: Self-Reg Courses 

(Remote from home) (Independent contractor

THE MEHRIT CENTRE LTD. (“TMC”) is an educational organization offering courses and information online. Established by Dr. Stuart Shanker in 2012, to work towards a vision of calm, alert children, youth, and adults flourishing in physically and emotionally nurturing environments. The mission is to ground learning and living in self-regulation.

TMC is looking for Course Facilitators to assist our course facilitators ensuring that learners have a positive experience connecting with the MEHRIT Centre (TMC) and Self-Reg learning. 

The following is an independent contractor opportunity to provide “as and when required” facilitator services.

Role Overview: ESchool Facilitator

The MEHRIT Centre (TMC) Course Facilitator is an independent contractor who plays a vital role in supporting and empowering the learners on their Self-Reg journey.  Each certificate program cohort has a course facilitator who follows the group of learners as they move through the online material. The Dean of eLearning and eSchool Mentor will provide support and guidance for this position.

Areas of Accountability

  • Celebrate and share the guiding values of The MEHRIT Centre.
  • Foster safety, learning and a sense of community among adult learners.
  • Build relationships with and between learners through engagement in course discussions providing encouragement and validation.
  • Co-regulate with learners though responses in the course, news items and email correspondence.
  • Guide Self-Reg understanding by extending learner discussions through comments and posts which can challenge thinking and encourage further reflection. 
  • Follow all TMC policies, guidelines and procedures as outlined in the Facilitators guide and contract.
  • Reframe self-control-based thinking in a gentle, supportive way. 
  • Work in collaboration with the teaching assistant assigned to the course.
  • Track learners through the eschool (D2L) and record progress the tracking sheet
  • Reads and agrees to adhere to TMC’s Terms of Use maintaining the confidentiality of all course material and related information. 
  • Escalate any issues / concerns / or requests for special exceptions to the Dean of eLearning.

Qualifications Required

  • Canadian resident
  • Completion of the Self-Reg Foundations, Early Childhood Development and/or Leadership Certificate Program AND Self-Reg Facilitator’s Training Program (Level 2).
  • In-depth understanding of Shanker Self-Reg® and key self-reg concepts demonstrated through excellence in projects in Level 1 courses and Level 2 projects and/or successful presenting for TMC.
  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a related field.
  • Proven and in-depth experience in a related field such as education, social work, occupational therapy, or psychology etc.
  • Prior experience working with adult learners in an online learning environment is an asset.
  • Ability to have diplomacy, tact, discretion, and confidentiality while building supportive on-line relationships.
  • Able to commit to at least 6 ½ weeks of work in an assigned course with the commitment to respond to learners daily or every 2nd day throughout the course.
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office Suite, Google drive, Gmail, Basecamp, Slack and D2L Brightspace.

Area of work: Shanker Self-Reg Courses / Programs

All TMC contractors are expected to, and are supported in, carrying out their responsibilities in a professional and responsive way that is aligned with TMC’s mission, values and strategic directions.

Location: Self-Reg eSchool (web-based learning environment)

As an independent contractor they are expected to provide their own computer, software and internet connection.

Compensation: The contractor is required to submit invoices as per course contract for compensation 


Interested candidates are invited to submit their resume with cover letter via email to tmc.humanresources@self-reg.ca.  Please note there will be a timed pre-interview task to complete as part of the interview process. We thank all who apply for their interest; however only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. 

Please submit your resume with cover letter by noon May 10th  2021.