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Where to Start?

1.1 How do I begin my Self-Reg journey?
This looks different for every person depending on their community, role, interests, etc. One size doesn’t fit all. If you are new to Self-Reg, start by checking out our 101 page and browse our blogs, podcasts and free resources. If it resonates, consider trying one of our introductory on-demand courses. If you are familiar with Self-Reg and have that Self-Reg spark to really dive in and learn more, consider one of our Level 1 certificate programs:

Applied Self-Reg Knowledge (ASK) Courses:

Looking for inspiration? Explore the journeys of our Self-Reggers who have brought Self-Reg to their schools, early years centers and communities here.


1.2 Which course would best fit me in my Self-Reg journey?

We have a variety of online learning options both Facilitated Certificate Programs and on-demand Self-Reg learning on the Shanker Self-Reg® Learning Hub. Your familiarity with Self-Reg, time commitment, funding, etc. can all influence your choice. 

1.3 Self-Reg and... explosive behaviour, Autism, ADHD, ODD, selective mutism, mental health, etc.

The Self-Reg Framework is a powerful lens which allows us to reframe anything and everything, overcoming deterministic views which put limits on a child’s potential. The key, no matter the reason you find yourself on our website looking for answers, is to learn Self-Reg. 

How to learn Self-Reg:

1.4 Can you send me a list of Self-Reg Schools in my area?

In line with our Privacy Policy, unfortunately, we cannot disclose any information regarding who has taken Self-Reg learning with us. But, we have had a number of learners, schools and boards share their Self-Reg learning journeys publically here. You can also access our alumni list here.

1.5 How do I get my child’s school or early childhood centre involved with Self-Reg?

Self-Reg truly is grassroots. We welcome you to share our website and any of our free Self-Reg resources when discussing your hopes with them. Self-Reg grows from planting seeds, nurturing relationships, and organically through conversations. We cannot force anyone to “go Self-Reg”, instead only foster a sense of intrigue and share the right resources at the right time. 

When ready, they are welcome to explore learning offerings with us or reach out to us at for more information and any questions they might have.

1.6 Where do we begin in creating a Self-Reg Haven in our schools, early childhood centres, homes or orgs?

Self-Reg Havens are our dream for all schools, early childhood centres, homes — everywhere! A Self-Reg Haven is a place where everyone feels safe in every way: physically, emotionally, socially, and culturally.

No two Self-Reg Havens are alike and they all are continually evolving. On the journey of becoming a haven we often see 3 overarching milestones:

  1. Self-Reg Champions: Identify 2-5 individuals in your organization who are passionate about learning Self-Reg. Start with these individuals taking a Level 1 Self-Reg certificate program.
  2. Resource Sharing: Champions can then lead in-house professional development, in line with our Terms of Use, to begin sharing Self-Reg with all of their colleagues. Champions will consider taking our Level 2 Self-Reg Learning Facilitator’s Program to give them the skillset to best bring this to their team. Without the Level 2 program, we recommend Champions share Self-Reg learning by hosting our low cost Professional Learning Series for their team. 
  3. Larger Initiative: Self-Reg first focus for everything, with larger scale training for all members of the school, early childhood centre, leadership or organization. See our Self-Reg Schools 6×6 series to learn why this learning is not just for the educators.

Use the RADAR tool along your Self-Reg Journey to see where you are at and plan ahead.

1.7 Where did the free resource library go?

Never fear! It is all still on our website for free and still available from our updated Resource Library under the Self-Reg Books & Free Resources section as well as below:

Online Learning with The MEHRIT Centre

2.1 Do TMC courses qualify for Continuing Education Units?

Unfortunately, as TMC is not considered an accredited educational institution (like a college or University) therefore our courses would not count toward a CEU credit. We do issue a digital copy (and a mailed copy) of a certificate of completion at the end of the Level 1 and 2 courses and many learners have submitted the certificate to their employer/organization as proof of completion. From there the employer may decide that it is acceptable as a professional development credit. We can also draft a letter of completion along with the certificate on our official letterhead, which would state the hours and the date of completion. This can be requested at the end of the course through

2.2 Do you offer Face-to-Face opportunities for your certificate programs?

Currently, we only offer online versions of our certificate programs. For those in remote communities with limited internet access, reach out to as we do have course variations available for these contexts.

2.3 Do you offer your courses (or resources) in any other language?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have any courses in any other languages. We do however have a compilation of our translated resources available here.

2.4 Do you offer private cohorts of your certificate programs?

Yes, for groups of 25+ we can offer private cohorts with a start date of your choosing. Please email for more details.

Face-to-Face: Events, Presentations, Mentoring & Consulting

3.1 Can I book a presenter to come speak to my team about Self-Reg?

We absolutely can! Meet our presenters here and reach out to with some information (date, length, topic, presenter, audience info, etc.) about your event and we can provide you with a quote.

3.2 Does Dr. Shanker provide full-day training?

At this time Dr. Shanker is only available for certain keynote presentations up to 1.5hrs in lengh. We can however arrange full-day training with the addition of our other presenters who can unpack and expand on Dr. Shanker’s presentation or run a full day on their own. Email for more information.

3.3 Can you suggest a therapist for me or someone in my care?

Unfortunately, The MEHRIT Centre (TMC), including Dr. Shanker, is unable to give clinical advice or provide treatment or diagnoses. TMC is an online-based community organization that offers resources teaching/providing information on Shanker Self-Reg®. Though not a referral, Dr. Shanker has helped us compile a list of clinicians, many of whom work with TMC in some non-clinical capacity and who have all completed the Self-Reg Foundations Program at a minimum. They are all independently licensed in their respective fields, and they may be able to offer something that we cannot at TMC. You may find that one of these individuals could be of assistance if you are interested.

If you or someone you know is in immediate crisis call 911, or seek supports through the Canadian Mental Health Association here.

3.4 Can I book an appointment with Dr. Shanker for myself/my child?

Unfortunately not. Dr. Stuart Shankeris not a licensed psychologist and thus cannot meet with anyone in a clinical capacity. Stuart’s previous work with children was strictly in a research and non-clinical capacity.

See the previous FAQ question for more detail.

3.5 Where are you located? Can I/my child visit?

Although we are based in Peterborough, Ontario, we are exclusively an online organization dedicated to Self-Reg professional development learning. We are not and do not run a clinic or public storefront.

Self-Reg Books & Publications

4.1 Do you offer an e-book or audiobook versions of Stuart’s publications?

For any publications published by The MEHRIT Centre, you can find the eBook versions here.

eBook and audiobook versions of some of Dr. Stuart Shanker’s publications are available through each book’s individual publisher. We recommend checking with the publishers directly.

4.2 Do you have discussion guides or companion resources for your publications?

Yes, we do for the following publications:

4.3 What research is there on Shanker Self-Reg®?

Explore Reframed: The Journal of Self-Reg here. Check back soon as we are currently compiling all other Self-Reg research articles on our website.

Pricing, Taxes, Shipping & Refunds

5.1 Do you offer payment installments for your courses?

Yes, we do, reach out to for more information.

5.2 Do you have equity pricing?

Yes, we do! Ensuring that Self-Reg learning is accessible to all is key to our mission and values. Equity Pricing is currently available for:

We additionally have a lot of free resources on our website (blogs, podcasts, infographics, and more!) YouTube and the Shanker Self-Reg® Learning Hub for you to explore and share.

5.3 Do you offer discounts for your courses?

We currently offer:

  • 10% off for groups of 6 or more learners for our Certificate Programs
  • Equity Pricing on Certificate Programs (limited spaces), courses, webinars & online events (see equity pricing FAQ above)

We do not typically run BFCM or boxing day sales. Like and follow our social media accounts for the latest promotions.

5.4 Do you offer bursaries or scholarships?

Not currently. However, if you are interested in providing a scholarship or bursary for others to take Self-Reg learning with us, please reach out to

5.5 Are your courses tax deductible?

Unfortunately, no, they are not.

5.6 I am tax exempt, how do I apply this?

Reach out to with your Canadian tax exemption number and we would be more than happy to send you an invoice without the tax.

5.7 Do you ship world wide?

Yes we do! You can choose from a variety of shipping options for books and physical Self-Reg products from our eStore at checkout. We recommend options with tracking for international (non-Canadian) orders, as over the last few years we have seen increased disruptions to postal services around the world.

5.8 What is your refund policy?

You can see our refund policy here.

Self-Reg Resource Sharing, IP & Copyright

6.1 Is there a copyright or trademark protection on any of TMC’s Resources?

Yes, Dr. Shanker owns the trademark to The Shanker Method® and Shanker Self-Reg®. The MEHRIT Centre is licensed to oversee the usage of these trademarks and in addition owns all copyright to materials found on our website, communities, social media pages, eSchool or other Self-Reg platforms owned by Dr. Stuart Shanker and The MEHRIT Centre.

See our Terms of Use for more information about copyright, trademarks and resource sharing.

6.2 Can I teach and make an income on Shanker Self-Reg® once I have completed the courses?

No. Dr. Stuart Shanker and The MEHRIT Centre own the IP on all content, and you are not permitted to use it for financial gain. See our Terms of Use for more information about copyright, trademarks and resource sharing.

There are some avenues to apply for licensing after the completion of the Level 2 Facilitator’s Certificate Program with limited use of trademark or IP, but these are not guaranteed. For more information, please reach out to who will be able to direct you to our IP team.

6.3 How can we start up a partnership or collaborate with TMC?

As a social enterprise, we are an unfunded organization with limited resources. We can only consider collaboration with those who have taken Self-Reg certificate learning with us, preferably up to the Level 2 Facilitator’s Certificate Program. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to take on all collaborations, but will where we can!

6.4 Can The MEHRIT Centre or Dr. Shanker endorse…

Neither The MEHRIT Centre or Dr. Shanker will endorse on request. Feel free to explore our blogs, publications and resources for various Self-Reg viewpoints

Related, a common misconception is that Self-Reg is a one-size-fits-all approach. It is not. Thus, any approaches to understanding and managing stress which assume that one-size-fits-all misunderstand the core underpinnings of Shanker Self-Reg®.

6.5 How can I share my Self-Reg Learning?

We welcome everyone to share their Self-Reg learning through sharing our resources & website and appropriately referencing back to The MEHRIT Centre. Note that it can not be shared for commercial purposes. See our Terms of Use for more information about copyright, trademarks and resource sharing.

About The MEHRIT Centre

7.1 How do I get in contact with The MEHRIT Centre?

You can email us at or check out our contact us page here.

7.2 Is The MEHRIT Centre a not for profit?

No, The MEHRIT Centre is a social enterprise, thus is registered as a for-profit but reinvests all profits back into its mission & values. As such we are an unfunded organization which receives all its income from the sale of courses, events, resources and online learning.

7.3 Can I visit The MEHRIT Centre?

Unfortunately not, we are exclusively an online organization and do not maintain an office space for the public to visit. If you need to get in touch with us, you can email us at or check out our contact us page here.

7.4 What does MEHRIT Stand for?

7.5 How do I become employed with The MEHRIT Centre? What is the process? Do you accept volunteers?

Check out our careers page for any employment or volunteer opportunities currently available.

7.6 Are there any The MEHRIT Centre locations outside of Canada?

Currently, we are exclusively Canadian-based, but we have connections with Self-Reggers around the world. Check out our Self-Reg Global division here.

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