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This infographic by educator Kristin Wiens illustrates the Five Practices of Self-Reg (previously called steps).

Reframe the Behaviour: Look at and understand the behaviour differently, in terms of the stress that caused it.

Recognize the Stressors: Be a “stress detective.” Find the stressors that are driving a child’s stress behaviour.

Reduce the Stress: We can’t eliminate all stress. But we can reduce some; particularly unnecessary and hidden stress.

Reflect. Develop Stress Awareness: Learn what a person’s (or your own) stressors are and how to recognize the signs of over-stress.

Restore Energy: Learn what helps a child (or yourself) restore energy that is burned in dealing with stress. Learn to recognize the signs of when a child (or adult) needs to restore.

These practices hold the keys to learning how to respond more helpfully to behaviour, mood and learning problems caused by excess stress.

Stuart Shanker's Five Steps of Self-Reg: Reframe the behaviour, recognize the stressors, reduce the stressors, reflect enhance stress awareness and restore energy

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