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Level 1 Certificate Program 

$1,695 CAD Full Program or $500 CAD/Course

★★★★★ Based on 134 Reviews

The Self-Reg Foundations Certificate, our flagship Self-Reg program, has been a game-changer for thousands of learners, bringing them to an entirely new understanding of what makes people tick. In this four-course, online program, Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins take you deep into the science of self-regulation and stress including:

    • how the brain/body stress system works
    • how stress affects children’s behaviour and moods
    • the difference between misbehaviour and stress behaviour
    • the importance of relationships in self-regulation and learning

Over 1500 teachers, mental health professionals, health professionals and parents have taken this course. Many say it has changed their outlook on children, their work and their own well-being. Join us for the next cohort starting:

About the Program

Learn the science behind Self-Reg with Stuart Shanker & Susan Hopkins

The Self-Reg Foundations Certificate is a four-course, online program designed and delivered by Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins on our eSchool. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate identifying you have completed the Self-Reg Foundations Certificate Program. We refer to the alumni of all of our Self-Reg education programs as Self-Reg Champions, in recognition of the time they have spent learning with us.

But, is it for me? If you’re interested in learning the basic underpinnings of Shanker Self-Reg®, then yes – this course is for you.

    • Four separate courses
    • Each of the courses takes six weeks to complete
    • A new module opens each week and learners have one week to complete it
    • Approximately 4 – 6 hours per week
    • Short videos from Dr. Shanker and Susan Hopkins with “bite-sized” chunks of information
    • Questions designed to support understanding, reflection and application of Self-Reg learning
    • Interactive responding to comments of other learners online
    • No tests, quizzes or exams in this program, rather this offering is for educational purposes where we interact and learn alongside fellow learners
    • Course facilitation from various TMC Self-Reg Specialists


Course Calendar

We run new cohorts of our Self-Reg Foundations Certificate Program throughout the year. Pick the start date that is best for you and your team:

May 9, 2024 | August 29, 2024 | October 31, 2024

Check out all of our program start, specific module and end dates in our 2023-24 Course Calendar here.

FOUNDATIONS 1: The Bio Domain: The Brain, Stress and Self-Regulation

Module 1: The Dawning of Relationships
Module 2: The Nature of Stress
Module 3: The Problem of Excessive Stress
Module 4: The Cascading Effects of Excessive Stress
Module 5: The Brain’s Reward System
Module 6: Self-Reg Method Step 1: Reframing the Behaviour

FOUNDATIONS 2: Self-Reg and Emotional, Social, Cognitive and Pro-Social Well-Being

Module 1: Self-Reg in Dynamic Systems and the Bio Domain Foundations
Module 2: Self-Reg in the Emotional Domain
Module 3: Self-Reg in the Cognitive Domain
Module 4: Self-Reg in the Social Domain
Module 5: Self-Reg in the Pro-Social Domain
Module 6: 5 Steps of Shanker Self-Reg Method

FOUNDATIONS 3: Self-Reg and Mental Health Across the Lifespan

Module 1: Autism
Module 2: “The Anxiety Epidemic”
Module 3: Self-Reg and Adolescence
Module 4: Self-Reg Across the Lifespan
Module 5: Self-Reg and Mindfulness
Module 6: Self-Regulation vs. Self-Control

FOUNDATIONS 4: The Shanker Self-Reg Method in Context

4 Course Stream Options (Offered upon completion of Foundations 1 – 3):

A. Educator’s Stream: Self-Reg as a Universal Platform in Education (early years, K-12, or adult education)
B. Self-Reg Specialists Stream (health practitioners, specialists, counsellors, clinicians): Applying Shanker Self-Reg
C. Early Years / Parent-Stream: Parenting with a Self-Reg Mindset
D. Personal Self-Reg Stream (applies to anyone): My Self-Reg


Foundations Program Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 141 reviews)
Very good1%


February 29, 2024

The concepts that were explored in this course were life-altering. I wish for everyone to experience the mind-shift that comes from applying a Self-Reg lens. I have learned a tremendous amount about myself which is the catalyst for being helpful and supportive of others. I truly believe the Self-Reg lens could bring forth the changes we desperately need to see for relationship reparation and building strong communities (within families, schools, home communities, etc). I highly recommend this course, and do yourself the favour of deep engagement and personal reflection.


Love Builds Brains

December 9, 2023

Love builds brains

Love Builds Brains is not only a fantastic book that I knew about thanks to the Foundations program. It’s a three word summary of what this course is about. Building on a solid science informed base and a genuine transdisciplinary approach, this course will help you understand why in fact love builds brains, starting on your own brain. This course is a gift for personal wellbeing and must for a truly just society.


Life Changing

October 18, 2023

This course has literally changed everything that I knew about myself and others. It has given me the tools and knowledge to help develop my self awareness as well as my stress awareness. Shanker Self-Reg has helped immensely in my work life and how I view and help my students learn about themselves and how to become capable, calm learners.


A "Must Do" training for any mental health therapist

October 14, 2023

For my fellow child and family, play, and neurodiversity-affirming therapists considering this program: You will not regret one moment of your time here. Self-Reg provides a practical and applicable framework for understanding the children and families we serve, assisting clients in recognizing their agency, and making shifts based upon their individual needs, differences, and preferences. Self-Reg honors differences and centers the unique humanity of the individual while exploring and scaffolding them in their various contexts. It could not be more aligned with play therapy values, social work values, and neurodiversity-affirming values. As I reflect on my experience and my application of my learning over the past year, I’m amazed at how ingrained the processes, theory, and ideas have become in my as a therapist. It’s literally a part of all of the work I do, no matter the client, not matter the treatment modality, and it ALWAYS helps move my client’s needle in the direction they want to go. It’s been a wonderful journey and I look forward to continuing down this path to better serve my clients.


This course is helpful for everyone

October 14, 2023

This is very transformative and eye opening course. I joined it as a parent of a special needs child and I was worried that I might not be able to finish it as I have no formal education in psychology or education. The beginning was a little harder for me as I had to replay videos few times to understand some of the terms. I appreciated the Video Glossary that was available during each of foundation course. Part of each module is discussion question and you will feel amazing support from other participants and there are amazing teachers/mentors supporting you on your journey. I learnt a lot about myself, I enjoy parenting much more and I am able to use all the knowledge in my job in corporate world. Highly recommend this course.


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