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The Story Behind the Graphic

This graphic, by artist and Self-Regger Kristin Wiens, offers 10 practical strategies that will help you begin to embed Shanker Self-Reg® at the core of your educational practice.

Self-control strategies like reward, consequences, reminders, incentive and correction have been dominant in education and child-rearing for centuries. Self-control-based approaches were used on us as kids and we use them as adults. So we slip into them automatically, even as we buy into Self-Reg’s focus on looking for the stress behind the behaviour.

Therefore, doing Self-Reg requires us to establish new habits: different ways of seeing, interpreting and responding to children. These ideas, adapted from Dr. Stuart Shanker’s Self-Reg learning journey, will help you along that path.

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Graphic sketch with examples of 10 Ways To Develop the Habit of Self-Reg
10 Ways To Develop the Habit of Self-Reg