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The Cognitive Domain is a biggie isn’t it? We place a high value on physical, emotional, social and moral development and well-being. And well we should.

But the Cognitive Domain, is one we use constantly to learn, understand what’s going on and make decisions. Cognitive activity comprises of all the mental processes involved in knowledge acquisition and reasoning: attention, mental effort, perception and problem-solving.

Here Comes Cognitive Stress

We often think—well, we’ve had it drilled into us—that success in thinking, learning and other cognitive tasks is all about effort, persistence and self disciplined thought. All of that matters of course, however, a sole focus on self-control ignores one of the key determinants of cognitive success or failure: stress. Cognitive stressors come in all shapes and sizes.

Today’s Question:

What are the cognitive stressors that sometimes interfere with your thinking, decision-making and mental effort? We all know cognitive work that is really difficult can be stressful. And we know that stress in other domains can affect our cognitive functioning. But let’s focus on the cognitive domain: the overt, hidden, and even surprising cognitive stressors you’ve gotten in touch with on your Self-Reg journey.

In the comments below share what you’ve learned about cognitive stress, what your main stressors are, how they impact your functioning and what you can do about it.

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