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In the moment, when our stress loads are too high or in the face of explosive or inappropriate behaviour, we often look for a quick fix. The hope is that a quick fix can bring calm, can bring balance, be a teaching opportunity or even punish so that we can move beyond.

In come strategies.

Many of us figure out our own strategies, even for before we reach out peak, like yoga, listening to music, fidgets or talking to a friend. We’ve all been told (or have told others) to take a time out, to do a breathing exercise, to take a nap, or to walk away. And sometimes it works. This week we challenge you to dive deeper, reframing strategies, as they are not always a one-size-fits-all approach to self-regulation.

Today’s Question:

How can Self-Reg help us find the right strategy at the right time?

In the comments below, share a Self-Reg strategy that works for you or those in your care. Explore when it works best vs. when it doesn’t quite do the trick.

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