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In Self-Reg, the social domain is a bit of a paradox. On one hand, social engagement and relationships are our most important and highest level, mechanism for dealing with stress. Good social interaction and relationships can help us return to calm, restore our energy, make us feel save and help us feel good about ourselves. 

On The Other Hand…

The social domain is also home to some of our most distressing stress. Relationships and social interaction can sometimes be sources of significant, and pretty diverse stressors. Right?

Today’s Question:

Two questions today. 

1. What have your learned about your social stressors and how to deal with them?

2. We’ve all used social engagement to manage stress for our whole lives. Are there any new ways you have learned to destress and restore in the social domain?

In the comments below share your experience and lessons about the social domain of Self-Reg, including what you’ve learned that might help someone else.

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