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Several of the speakers at our Self-Reg Summer Symposium 2015 picked up on the theme that self-regulation is ushering in a “paradigm-revolution” in educational thinking, and not simply another “paradigm-shift.” That is, that what we are witnessing is not just another swing in the “authoritarian/authoritative” pendulum, but a conceptual revolution grounded in our understanding of the nature of stress and its effect on the brain.

For as long as I can remember, teachers (including our incredibly early childhood educators) have been asking for help in managing behaviour; now they are asking for help in understanding behaviour.   Recently variations on this request are coming increasingly from educators in middle and secondary schools and into the post-secondary years.

What started as a trickle of such requests has now become a flood, forcing TMC to think very hard about how we can meet this demand. But the far deeper question on our minds has been: What is the most effective way for TMC to contribute to this burgeoning paradigm-revolution? Fortunately, it was the teachers themselves who answered this question for us.

Over and over we were being told that, as beneficial as teachers find guest lectures and even symposia, what they most want from us is something that will:

  • Systematically explain the theory of self-regulation, in all five domains (biological, emotion, cognitive, social and prosocial)
  • An opportunity to delve deeper into the theory in an area that they personally find most relevant or intriguing
  • Something that they can pursue on their own, at their own pace, yet at the some time with others, in the company of a “community of learners”
  • Something that provides them with ideas that they can apply immediately: and not just for their students, but for themselves as well
  • Something that they can share with new and veteran teachers alike; with all of the staff at their school; and of course, with all of their parents

Accordingly, I am so pleased to share our Self-Reg Foundations Certificate Program. You can learn more and register for our Foundations Certificate Program here today!