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Self-Reg for Leaders

This page contains a collection of Self-Reg resources for leaders. You will find courses and other hand-selected information on how you and your team can benefit from Self-Reg.


Leadership for Self-Reg Schools Certificate Program| Feb 2

School leaders today are confronted with behavioural, emotional, and cognitive challenges far in excess of what their predecessors had to contend with. The Leadership for Self-Reg School Certificate Program has been developed specifically for school leaders: with the knowledge and guidelines needed for their school to become a centre of deep learning, in all its many facets.

Self-Reg Foundations Certificate Program | Jan 5

Our flagship Self-Reg Foundations Certificate Program has been a game-changer for thousands of learners, bringing them to an entirely new understanding of what makes people tick. Join Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins as they take you deep into the science of self-regulation and stress, including the brain/body stress system, how stress affects children’s behaviour and the importance of relationships in self-regulation and learning. 



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Self-Reg Havens 101 | $750/team

Why would you want to sign your team (or yourself) up for a course that shows you how to transform your educational setting into a place where everyone feels safe in every way: physically, emotionally, socially and culturally? How does that kind of all-encompassing safety relate to learning, good relationships, behaviour and overall well-being in your environment? Because there is definitely a connection!

Self-Reg Framework 101 | $600/team

This webinar series, hosted by Dr. Susan Hopkins, explains the science and theory behind Self-Reg, focusing on being a stress detective in the 5 Domains of stressors: Biological, Emption, Cognitive, Social & Prosocial. Explore the impact these stressors have on the stressloads of the children and staff in our care. Reducing these energy zapping stressors frees up valuable energy for learning.

Self-Reg 101 For All | $600/team

Moving away from a classroom focus, this PLS series will focus on Self-Reg 101 for any group looking to understand and manage stress. Be that corporate, law enforcement, legal, government or research teams, Susan Hopkins will guide you through both the 5 Domains (Biological, Emotion, Cognitive, Social & Prosocial) and the 5 Steps (Reframe, Recognize, Reduce, Reflect & Restore) of the Shanker Self-Reg® Framework. 

The Shanker Method 101 | $600/team

Designed to build on the Self-Reg Framework 101 series or be taken as a stand alone offering, this webinar-based course dives into the 5-Step Shanker Method® at the heart of Self-Reg Practice with the 5 Steps. Reframe the behaviour. Recognize & Reduce the Stressors. Reflect: enhance stress awareness. Restore: develop personalized strategies to promote resilience and restoration.


Blog: The Self-Reg View of Resilience

by Stuart Shanker

Over the past few years, a number of articles have appeared warning about the serious decline in student resilience. Not just what Robin Wilson calls an “epidemic of anguish”, but what Peter Gray describes as a remarkably limited ability to deal with even minor stresses.

Self-Reg Schools 6 x 6: School Leaders

Join Susan Hopkins in discussing the importance of School Leaders as part of the 6×6 Self-Reg Schools Video Series.

View the rest of the 6×6 series here.

Blogs: A Self-Reg Lens on Freedom

by Stuart Shanker

What if individuals or companies create products or activities that encourage this existential threat? That send us deep into Red Brain, where we not only do not, but cannot choose how we act?

Part 1: The Paradox of Democracy

Part 2: Freedom is in Peril ~ Now more than ever

Part 3: In Pursuit of Liberty AND Freedom

Blog: “Reframing” Challenging Behaviour: Blue Brain, Red Brain, and Gray Brain

by Stuart Shanker

Parents of new babies are forever asking why. “Why is she crying? Is she hungry, wet, scared, lonely, bored?” Since we can’t just ask them, we put on our detective’s hat.

Read Part 2: Reframing “Challenging Behaviour” in Kindergarten here.

Infosheet: The Impact of Trauma

To this day, many children are still experiencing the effects of the trauma that their grandparents and parents went through in residential schools. Other events in a child’s life can also be traumatic and have a similar long-term impact. Understanding why and how trauma affects the brain can help children overcome these effects and have a full and rewarding life. 

Meet some Change Leaders

Meet some of our fantastic community members and learn about their Self-Reg Journeys!

Explore and be inspired from other leaders who are bringing Self-Reg to their community. 

Blog: Self-Reg, Social Justice & Democracy

by Stuart Shanker

The Future Lies in the Hands of Self-Reg Parents, Schools, and Communities.

The reality is that many children are only able to manage their stress in a way that actually blocks their prosocial drive. The demand for justice and equality ends up adding more stress to a stress-load that is already crushing.

Infosheet: Expanding Our Understanding of the Meaning of Safe

When a child doesn’t feel safe, there are certain unmistakable signs: the child is very withdrawn and subdued, emotionally volatile, overly anxious, highly impulsive, inattentive, easily distracted—or bullying other children. It’s this last sentence that should make us suddenly sit up and realize that we need to think seriously about what we understand by “safe.”

The 5 Steps of Self-Reg Graphic

This handy graphic by Kristin Wiens is a great reminder of the 5 Steps (aka Practices) of Shanker Self-Reg®:

  1. Reframe the Behaviour
  2. Recognize the Stressors
  3. Reduce Stressors
  4. Reflect: Enhance Stress Awareness
  5. Restore energy: Strategies to promote resilience & restoration.


RADAR – Reflect, Analyze, Design, Activate, Respond – guides the process of moving towards becoming a Self-Reg Haven. We designed this model to meet the challenges schools face with questions of “data” or “evidence based” decision making.

Blog: Coronavirus Conversations: Buridan’s Ass Redux

by Stuart Shanker

We must force ourselves to stay home or go back to work despite concerns about our health and the wellbeing of our loved ones. Here we have yet another variant on the Marshmallow Task: this time with an interesting twist, since it takes self-control to quell the urge for both rewards and simply settle for one.



Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators

Learn how to incorporate Self-Reg into classroom practices and a process of ongoing learning that will help not only your students, but yourself as an educator. Check out our Self-Reg Schools Handbook bookclubs on Facebook.

REFRAMED: Self-Reg for a Just Society

Reframed, the final book in Stuart’s trilogy, unpacks the unique science and conceptual practices that are the very lifeblood of Self-Reg, making it an accessible read for new Self-Reggers.

Calm, Alert & Learning

The key to student success is not so much intelligence but abilities like concentration, delay of gratification and emotional intelligence: abilities which are dependent on self-regulation. Discussion guide here.

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What is Self-Reg?

Self-Reg is a pathway to calm, resilience, motivation, learning, & well-being.

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Havens are our dream for all! A Self-Reg Haven is a place where everyone feels safe in every way: physically, emotionally, socially, and culturally.

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