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Level 1 Certificate Program 

$850 Full Program

Every educational leader* has always had the same goal: a school in which everyone flourishes – not just academically, but socially, psychologically and morally. It’s the HOW that has always proved challenging. Self-Regulation is needed now more than ever, as school leaders* confront ever-increasing challenges: explosive behaviour, mental health needs around every corner, staff shortages and burnout. And all this amid the important overarching goal of providing the best possible education to every child.

Meeting these challenges requires not just effort, inspiration and sound pedagogy, but also a deep understanding of the science of stress: how excess stress impacts learning and well-being, not just for students, but also for staff and leaders themselves, AND what to do about it. The HOW! That’s where Self-Reg comes in.

This 12-module certificate course, our most advanced course in professional applied Shanker Self-Reg®, is definitely not yet another program. Self-Reg and Leadership in Schools will enable educational leaders to harness and use the science of Self-Reg to build a  supportive, inclusive centre of deep learning for all. Participants will learn, not only new ways to approach leadership, but also how Self-Reg can enhance the leadership knowledge, skills and priorities they already have and how to address the stressors that are impacting schools everywhere.

* includes teacher leaders, department heads, special education teachers, ECE leaders, school administrators, camp directors, professional learning leaders, teacher consultants and other school board staff.

Join us for the next cohort starting on February 1, 2024.

About the Program

Learn the science behind Self-Reg with Stuart Shanker & Susan Hopkins

But, is it for me? If you’re interested in learning how Shanker Self-Reg® can help your school become a centre of deep learning, then yes – this course is for you.

    • Three separate four-module courses
    • Each courses takes 4 weeks to complete
    • Study at times of your own choosing: approximately 4 – 6 hours per week
    • Study as part of a support cohort of learners
    • Course facilitation from a TMC Self-Reg Specialist
    • Short videos from Dr. Shanker and Susan Hopkins with “bite-sized” chunks of information
    • Questions designed to support understanding, reflection and application of Self-Reg learning
    • Interactive responding to comments of other learners online
    • No tests, quizzes or exams in this program, rather this offering is for educational purposes where we interact and learn alongside fellow learners

This is the companion course for the Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook For Educators (standard edition). A copy of the Handbook is required for this course and is available here or through Pearson here.



We run new cohorts of our Self-Reg Leadership in Schools Certificate Program throughout the year. Pick the start date that is best for you and your team:

August 24, 2023 |  February 1, 2024 |  April 11, 2024

Check out all of our program start, specific module and end dates in our 2023-24 Course Calendar here.


    • Introduction
    • Module 1: Leadership for Self-Reg Schools – Why it Matters
    • Module 2: Triune Brain and Interbrain: Self-Reg Schools Foundations
    • Module 3: Thayer Matrix for School Leaders
    • Module 4: Hierarchy of Stress at a Whole School Level
    • Module 5: The Self-Reg Framework: 5 Practices in Schools
    • Module 6: The Seeds Journey
    • Module 7: The Sunrise Journey
    • Module 8: The Quilt Journey
    • Module 9: All Means All – Anxiety
    • Module 10: All Means All – Autism
    • Module 11: All Means All- ADHD
    • Module 12: The Haven Journey

A copy of the Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators is required for all learners taking this certificate program. You can pick up a copy here.

You can check out the free companion website and resources for the Self-Reg Schools Handbook on Pearson’s website here.

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Equity Pricing: We know that pricing can be a barrier, that’s why we offer a number of equity priced spots for those paying out of pocket with each cohort we offer. Learn more and join the waitlist here.

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