"There's no such thing as a bad kid" Stuart Shanker

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Interested in Shanker Self-Reg® and looking to learn more? Or bring Self-Reg learning to your team? Whether it is courses, events, mentoring, podcasts or books, we provide multiple ways to learn more. Choose the next steps that are right for you.

What is The Shanker Method®?

The Shanker Self-Reg® framework is made up of 5 steps (aka practices) and 5 domains of stressors:

  • Reframe the behaviour
  • Recognize the stressors (biological, emotion, cognitive, social & prosocial)
  • Reduce the stressors
  • Reflect: enhance stress awareness
  • Restore energy


Stuart Shanker's Five Steps of Self-Reg: Reframe the behaviour, recognize the stressors, reduce the stressors, reflect enhance stress awareness and restore energy
Graphic illustrating the 5 domains of Self-Reg: biological, emotion, social, pro social and cognitive.


Early Years

young child with colourful paint on their hands and face




“Problematic behaviours” result from driving a child past their peak,<br />
almost always because we didn’t recognize the autonomic cues that this was happening." Stuart Shanker


Self-RegThe Basics, photo of smiling children with their arms around each other

Self-Reg: The Basics

Shanker Self-Reg® is a process for enhancing self- regulation by understanding and dealing with stress. In Self-Reg we consider both our responses to stress and our underlying state of energy and tension when we encounter a stress. Self-Reg is based on…

Relationships First

Relationships First: What Does This Really Mean And What Might It Look Like?

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Reframing THAT Child

Reframing THAT Child

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