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Our Learn Self-Reg Institutes bring Shanker Self-Reg® learning to communities through one-day events that feature morning talks with Dr. Stuart Shanker followed by afternoon workshops with the TMC team in which participants dialogue and dig deeper to explore and plan strategies for applying Shanker Self-Reg® in their workplaces and professional practices.

Our one-day Face-to-Face Seminars are open to everyone interested in diving deeper into the science, theory, practice and leadership of Self-Reg. Each Seminar begins with an introduction from a TMC leader, followed by a 4-hour talk with Dr. Stuart Shanker and an end-of-day integration activity.

If you are interested in having TMC bring a Learn Self-Reg Institute or Face-to-Face Seminar in your community, send an email to


Learn Self-Reg Institutes

Self-Reg and Mental Health

In this Institute Dr. Shanker and other members of the TMC team will look at how Self-Reg provides the underpinnings of mental health. Self-Reg sees mental health, not as a default condition (i.e., the absence of mental illness), but as a physical/emotional state that leads to a positive bias and promotes resilience.

Self-Reg In the Early Years

Children in the early years are suddenly confronted with a sharp increase in stresses across all five domains of the Self-Reg model (biological, emotion, cognitive, social and prosocial). In this Institute Dr. Shanker and other members of the TMC team will look at how we can help children deal successfully with these challenges and begin to learn how to manage these new stresses on their own.

Self-Reg In K-12

Children and youth are confronted with a constantly growing and shifting range of stressors in K-12. Join Dr. Stuart Shanker and the TMC  team for this exclusive Self-Reg Institute. In this session we’ll unpack the stressors impacting your students, explore how educators can mitigate them, and discuss strategies for helping students learn to manage their own Self-Reg.

Upcoming K-12 Institutes: 

Towards Thriving Students | September 19, 2017, Halifax | Learn More

Towards Thriving Students | October 3, 2017, Winnipeg | Learn More

Reframing Schools as Self-Reg Havens | November 15, 2017, Victoria | Learn More

Towards Thriving Students | November 16, 2017, Vancouver | Learn More

Self-Reg and Adult Wellbeing

The well-being of children is inseparable from the well-being of the adults in their lives. In this Institute Dr. Shanker and other members of the TMC team will look at the kinds of stress experienced by educators, and other professionals who work with children and how adults can use Self-Reg to maintain and enhance their own well-being in order to be in the best possible position to support the well-being children they work with.

Self-Reg and Parenting

The foundation of self-regulation is the feeling of calmness and safety that children experience with their parents. Yet today’s parents are subject to higher levels of stress than ever before. In this Institute Dr. Shanker and other members of the TMC team will look at the overt and hidden stressors affecting parents in today’s world and show mothers and fathers how Self-Reg can reduce the impact of these stressors so that they can become the parents they want to be and that their children need them to be.

Research and Evaluation for Self-Reg

Today’s educators and practitioners are constantly called upon to show that their practices are “evidence-based.” This creates challenges for Self-Reg practitioners because Self-Reg is not a program that comes with prescribed how-to and must-do instructions and lesson plans. In this Institute Dr. Brenda Smith-Chant and members of the Self-Reg Institute team will look at the considerable research-base for Self-Reg and how educators and other practitioners can do their own research to understand and evaluate the impact of their Self-Reg initiatives.

Self-Reg Face-to-Face Seminars

Build on your understandings of Shanker Self-Reg®. Join Dr. Stuart Shanker and the TMC team for our Face-to-Face Seminars. Learners will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the science, the practice, and the leadership of Self-Reg. Learn more about our upcoming Face-to-Face Seminars here.

Upcoming Self-Reg Seminars

Stress Management vs. Breaking a Stress Cycle | September 20, 2017, Halifax | Learn More

Pulling Back the Veil and Responding to What We Find Beneath | October 4, 2017, Winnipeg | Learn More

Stress Management vs. Breaking a Stress Cycle | November 17, 2017, Vancouver | Learn More

Pulling Back the Veil and Responding to What We Find Beneath | December 6, 2017, Toronto | Learn More

Stress Management as a Distributed Social Phenomenon | December 7, 2017, Toronto | Learn More

Foundations Certificate Institutes

This is an in-person offering of our signature Foundations Certificate Program. Each course is taught in a classroom setting with face-to-face interaction with certified TMC instructor. A teaching assistant will be assisting online, and videos of Dr. Shanker’s modules for each Foundation’s course curriculum will be screened. Learn more about our in-person offerings of the Foundations program here.

For questions regarding events, please contact our Events team directly.