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Every educational leader has always had the same goal: a school in which everyone flourishes – not just academically, but socially, psychologically and morally. It’s the HOW that has always proved challenging, and now more so than ever. School leaders today are confronted with behavioural, emotional, and cognitive challenges far in excess of what their predecessors had to contend with. It is a HOW that requires, not just inspirational rhetoric and fortitude, but a deep understanding of why these problems are occurring and how they can be met and mastered.

This flexible, self-study program, designed and delivered by Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins on our eSchool, has been developed specifically for school leaders. This program will give you the Self-Reg knowledge and guidelines needed for your school to become a centre of deep learning, in all its many facets.

The next Leadership course starts:

September 10, 2020

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Course 1

Module 1:
Leadership for Self-Reg Schools – Why it Matters
Module 2: Triune Brain and Interbrain: Self-Reg Schools Foundations
Module 3: Thayer Matrix for School Leaders
Module 4: Hierarchy of Stress at a Whole School Level

Course 2:

Module 5: The Self-Reg Framework: 5 Practices in Schools
Module 6: The Seeds Journey
Module 7: The Sunrise Journey
Module 8: The Quilt Journey

Course 3:

Module 9: All Means All -On anxiety
Module 10: All Means All -On autism
Module 11: All Means All-On ADHD
Module 12: The Haven Journey

Our new 3-month certificate program for K-12 schools presents an entirely new way of thinking about and responding to the daunting challenges that school leaders everywhere must now contend with.

$850 + handbook* (sold separately)

*A copy of Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators (standard edition) is required for this course and can be purchased separately here. The handbook is not included in the course purchase price.

Future 2020 Start Dates for Leadership for Self-Reg Schools:

September 10, 2020

But, is it for me? If you’re interested in learning how Shanker Self-Reg® can help your school become a centre of deep learning, then yes – this course is for you.
  • Three separate four-module courses
  • Each courses takes 4 weeks to complete
  • Study at times of your own choosing: approximately 4 – 6 hours per week
  • Study as part of a support cohort of learners
  • Course facilitation from a TMC Self-Reg Specialist
  • Short videos from Dr. Shanker and Susan Hopkins with “bite-sized” chunks of information
  • Questions designed to support understanding, reflection and application of Self-Reg learning
  • Interactive responding to comments of other learners online
  • Contributions from other Shanker Self-Reg® experts
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For more information or to inquire about group access to the Leadership for Self-Reg Schools Program, please contact info@self-reg.ca.

*This course cannot offer clinical support to users and is not a replacement for professional clinical help.*