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Shanker Self-Reg® Online Learning

Would you like to delve deeper into the theory of self-regulation and the Shanker Self-Reg® framework so you can better apply Self-Reg to your every day life and professional work? Our online courses let you set your own pace and study at times that work for you, while benefiting from the support of a community of learners.

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Foundations, our most popular course, has helped 100s of people understand children and themselves in a whole new way! Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins take you deep into the science of self-regulation in this 4-course program: stress, negative impacts of excess stress, the 5 domains of Self-Reg and the Shanker Method®.

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Self-Reg in Early Childhood Development is a three-course program designed for early childhood educators and other individuals interested in early child development.

Developed specifically for school leaders, the Leadership in Self-Reg Schools Program will give you the Self-Reg knowledge and guidelines needed for your school to become a centre of deep learning, in all its many facets.

Self-Reg Parenting is an online course that shows parents how to apply Shanker Self-Reg® in their day-to-day parenting with the support of other parents like you.

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Our Self-Reg Facilitator Certificate Program takes you deeper into the science, understanding, and application of Self-Reg through an in-depth study of the five-step Shanker Method®; applying Self-Reg to case histories; plus planning, delivering and assessing Self-Reg workshops. Upon completion, you will earn a Self-Reg Learning Facilitator Certificate.

Our Master’s Modules Program is the ultimate Self-Reg learning experience. You will apply the Self-Reg Framework and the Shanker Method® to key issues in mental health, behaviour, and development, and also choose an area of specialization. The program enables you to apply Self-Reg to your practice at an advanced level.

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