Self-Reg & Early Childhood Development

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A New TMC Learning offering launching October 4, 2018

Join us and revolutionize your practice through Shanker Self-Reg® 


Includes full Self-Reg in Early Childhood Development 3-Course Program

If you are an experienced ECE you have undoubtedly encountered children with all kinds of different temperaments. And, no doubt, you have likely worked with some tots whose temperaments would be described as “difficult.” What do we make of kids like that, or more to the point, how do we work with them? Dr. Stuart Shanker reframes the idea of difficult temperament and much more in TMC’s new online course for early childhood educators. Our new course will show you how to revolutionize your practice by understanding, and responding to, the unique and sometimes hidden stressors that shape the caregiving and learning experiences — and hence, the temperaments of the children you work with.


Self-Reg in Early Childhood Development is a three-course, 12-module online program designed for early childhood educators and other individuals interested in early child development. The program looks at key concepts in early child development through the lens of Self-Reg, so as to give learners a new and more complete understanding of the factors that affect early development and children’s mood, behaviour and learning in early childhood settings. The program is delivered on the TMC e-school and takes three months to complete.


Course 1: Self-Reg in the Early Years will begin October 4, 2018

Module 1: Moving Beyond Determinist Thinking
Module 2:
The Interbrain and Self-Reg
Module 3:
The Interbrain in Early Childhood Education
Module 4:
The Triune Brain and Self-Reg

Module 5: Optimal Self-Regulation: Seeking Red Brain/Blue Brain Balance
Module 6:
Reframing Temperament
Module 7:
Reframing Attachment
Module 8:
Reframing Personality

Module 9: Reframing Intelligence
Module 10:
Module 11:
Working with Parents and Teachers
Module 12:
The Self-Reg ECE