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Foundations, our flagship Self-Reg course, has been a game-changer for hundreds of learners, bringing them to an entirely new understanding of what makes people tick. In this four-course, online program, Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins take you deep into the science of self-regulation and stress including:

  • how the brain/body stress system works
  • how stress affects children’s behaviour and moods
  • the difference between misbehaviour and stress behaviour
  • the importance of relationships in self-regulation and learning

Over 1000 teachers, mental health professionals, health professionals and parents have taken this course. Many say it has changed their outlook on children, their work and their own well-being.

The next Foundations course starts:

July 2, 2020


“The magic of Foundations is coming from the conversations that students are having with each other.”

-Dr. Stuart Shanker

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The Self-Reg Foundations Certificate is a four-course, online program designed and delivered by Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins on our eSchool. The program leads to certification as a Shanker Self-Reg® Champion upon completion.

But, is it for me? If you’re interested in learning the basic underpinnings of Shanker Self-Reg®, then yes – this course is for you.

  • Four separate courses
  • Each of the courses takes six weeks to complete
  • A new module opens each week and learners have one week to complete it
  • Approximately 4 – 6 hours per week
  • Short videos from Dr. Shanker and Susan Hopkins with “bite-sized” chunks of information
  • Questions designed to support understanding, reflection and application of Self-Reg learning
  • Interactive responding to comments of other learners online
  • Contributions from other Shanker Self-Reg® experts
  • Course facilitation from various TMC Self-Reg Specialists

Cost: $500 per individual course or $1695 for the four-course program

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Program Overview

The Bio Domain: The Brain, Stress and Self-Regulation

  • Module 1: The Dawning of Relationships
  • Module 2: The Nature of Stress
  • Module 3: The Problem of Excessive Stress
  • Module 4: The Cascading Effects of Excessive Stress
  • Module 5: The Brain’s Reward System
  • Module 6: Self-Reg Method Step 1: Reframing the Behaviour

Self-Reg and Emotional, Social, Cognitive and Pro-Social Well-Being

  • Module 1: Self-Reg in Dynamic Systems and the Bio Domain Foundations
  • Module 2: Self-Reg in the Emotional Domain
  • Module 3: Self-Reg in the Cognitive Domain
  • Module 4: Self-Reg in the Social Domain
  • Module 5: Self-Reg in the Pro-Social Domain
  • Module 6: 5 Steps of Shanker Self-Reg Method

Self-Reg and Mental Health Across the Lifespan

  • Module 1: Autism
  • Module 2: “The Anxiety Epidemic”
  • Module 3: Self-Reg and Adolescence
  • Module 4: Self-Reg Across the Lifespan
  • Module 5: Self-Reg and Mindfulness
  • Module 6: Self-Regulation vs. Self-Control

The Shanker Self-Reg Method in Context

4 Course Stream Options (Offered upon completion of Foundations 1 – 3):

  • A. Educator’s Stream: Self-Reg as a Universal Platform in Education (Early Years, K-12, or Adult Education)
  • B. Self-Reg Specialists Stream ( health practitioners, specialists, counsellors, clinicians): Applying Shanker Self-Reg
  • C. Early Years / Parent-Stream: Parenting with a Self-Reg Mindset
  • D. Personal Self-Reg Stream (applies to anyone): My Self-Reg

Program Participants From All Over the World

Our Foundations Program participants are spread out around the world. We have participants in almost every single Canadian province, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, Singapore, the Netherlands, and beyond!

Since launching Foundations, we’ve had over 1,400 students, with over 600 learners having completed the full 4 course Foundations Certification program to become Self-Reg Champions. New people are signing up every day from all around the globe.

See the full list of our Foundations Graduates here.

What Participants Say About the Program

We are lucky enough to have all kinds of participants in our Foundations Courses: early childhood educators, social workers, kindergarten teachers, school psychologists, consultants and administrators. Below, some of what they had to say about their experience in the Foundations program.

The Self Reg Foundations course is beautifully designed and choreographed to enhance personal and professional learning. Expect to work hard, dig deeply, find yourself experiencing delightful cognitive dissonance as you recognize that some of what you once held dear is based on popularly held and promoted paradigms that are fallacious. I found that I could immediately translate the course content to my work and professional life. After two years of Self Reg immersion, I am a kinder, smarter and more helpful clinician, parent and friend. I consider this course to be among the best I have ever taken, and highly recommend it.

Maggie Sprattmoran

I dove into Self-Reg learning and realized soon after that my cohort and I were able to share and support each other as we dug deeper and deeper into the roots of human behaviour. The Foundations Certificate Program started right off with the significance of human connectedness and it was all fascinating right from the beginning. I highly recommend this course to any parent, teacher, or any person who wants to more fully understand the why of human behaviour.

Jane Wilson

Stumbled upon the Foundations course while investigating the MEHRIT Centre website, and really wanted to learn more, with a view to use the certification to consult with early years teams. It quickly became evident that this was life-changing for me personally. The course is well laid-out, with lots of support. The discussions are rich and thought-provoking. And the geeky, “sciencey” part of me was happy as well! Highly recommend.

N. Drew

I just finished Foundations 1 and can not wait to start Foundations 2. Everything we learn and discuss, I put into practice right away in my own life and as an upper elementary school counselor.

Sara MacDonald
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 Ready to begin your Shanker Self-Reg® journey in the Foundations Certificate program?

Future 2020 start dates for Self-Reg Foundations courses:

July 2, 2020
September 3, 2020
October 29, 2020

Download 2020 Course Calendar Here

As the Self-Reg eSchool is a web-based learning environment, the following technical requirements must be in place to ensure optimal performance and accessibility.


  • A desktop computer or laptop is required

  • Tablets (e.g., iPad, Surface) and smartphones are not recommended

  • Speakers (or headphones, ear buds, etc.) are required

Internet Connection

  • A high-speed internet connection is required

Internet Browsers

Although we cannot guarantee the reliability of a given browser, there are two that we do recommend:

  • Google Chrome (Windows and Mac)

  • Apple Safari (Mac)

It’s highly recommended that the latest version of the software be installed.

Additional Requirements

Please ensure you have JavaScript and Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer and cookies enabled on your internet browser.

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