Level 2 Certificate

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Become a Shanker Method® Certified Facilitator

Certification in The Shanker Method® is the next level of learning available for those interested in becoming a certified Shanker Self-Reg™ Learning Facilitator. Anyone who has completed the Foundations program and is interested in taking his or her Self-Reg expertise to the next level may apply. The demand for Shanker Self-Reg® Specialists from the MEHRIT Centre is growing.

To meet the demand and our mission of grounding living and learning in self-regulation we are offering this program so that experts in Shanker Self-Reg® will be widely available. Through this program:

  • Further ground your understandings of the Shanker Self-Reg® science and research foundations of The Shanker Method®.
  • Develop expertise in the Self-Reg Framework and application of the Shanker Method®.
  • Apply the Shanker Method to case studies across a range of contexts.
  • Research, plan, develop, deliver, assess and evaluate Self-Reg workshops.
  • Be certified by Dr. Stuart Shanker as a trainer & facilitator for The Shanker Method®.
  • Be eligible to apply for presenter and facilitator positions available with TMC.
  • Be eligible to  apply to be licensed in The Shanker Method®, which will provide you access to all of the TMC materials for your training and facilitating work.
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Full 8-Course Program: $ 2195

The cohort is limited to 20 spots.  Those anticipating being finished Foundations before the program start date may register for Level 2.

About the Program

  • The Level 2 program combines a collection of short videos from Dr. Stuart Shanker, a collaborative inquiry model, and case studies.
  • Using a facilitated cohort model similar to that in the Self-Reg Foundations program, Level 2 has 8 courses:
    • 1 for each step of the 5 Step Method,
    • 3 integrated application courses.

Course Structure

Each of the 8 courses has four modules.  Each module is 1 week long with a (short) pre and post-module task.  The modules are designed to take approximately 5 hours each to complete.

  • Pre-Module Quiz or Task
  • Module 1: Digging Deeper
  • Module 2: Applying the Science (individuals)
  • Module 3: Applying the Science (groups)
  • Module 4: Extending the Learning
  • Post-Module Quiz or Task

Course Schedule 2017 – 2018

  • Program Introduction: March 30 – Apr 5
  • The Shanker Method 1 – Read and Reframe the Behavior:  Apr 6 – May 8
  • The Shanker Method 2 – Recognize the Stressors: May 18 – June 19
  • The Shanker Method 3 – Reduce the Stress: June 29 – July 31
  • The Shanker Method 4 – Reflect, Enhance Stress Awareness: August 10 – September 11
  • The Shanker Method 5 – Respond, Develop Personalized Strategies (Resilience & Restoration): September 21 – October 23
  • Applied A: November 2 – December 4
  • Applied B: January 4 – February 5, 2018
  • Applied C: February 15 – March 19, 2018

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