Masters Modules Program

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The first Master’s Module will be available in the Summer 2017.

Build on your understandings of Shanker Self-Reg® from the Foundations certificate program with this 30-module program that offers you a range of opportunities to go deeper into the science, the practice, and the leadership of Self-Reg with Dr. Shanker and the TMC team.

This unique program is comprised of 30 stand alone modules of learning, each taking approximately 4-6 hours to complete through a combination of videos, readings, and a pre and post module task.

Each learner will choose the modules that fit their interests and design their own learning journey comprised of 10 modules from each of these three libraries. After the learner completes three modules from the Dr. Shanker library and three modules from the TMC library they are free to choose the remaining 24 modules to complete in any order and combination they wish.

Master’s Modules Library A with Dr. Stuart Shanker

  • One-third of the program
  • 10 required modules

Master’s Modules Library B with the TMC Self-Reg Team

  • One-third  of the program
  • 10 self-selected modules from an (ever-growing) library of options

Master’s Modules Library C with Specialists from a Variety of Fields & Context

  • Final one-third of the program
  • 10 self-selected modules from an (ever-growing) library of options
  • Three modules from both Library A and B must be complete before this library can be accessed

A culminating project will be to design and deliver a module (with support of a TMC mentor) to add to the Library C for future learners to choose from in the “options” section of this program.

Full 30-Module Certificate Program: $ 2195

There is also the option to register for just the first 10 modules from the program in the Library A stream with Dr. Shanker, as stand alone learning or as the first phase towards completion of 30 modules and certification. The cost of the first 10 modules is: $840.

The first Self-Reg Masters Modules will be available in the Summer 2017. Learners who have completed the Self-Reg Foundations program are welcome to take this full program or choose just select modules. Another available option is to work on both the Level 2 certification and Masters modules at the same time.

Master’s Modules Library A (required) with Dr. Stuart Shanker:

  • Self-Reg View of Temperament
  • Evolutionary Origins of Self-Reg
  • Reframing “Mindfulness”
  • Reframing Psychiatric Disorders
  • Schools as Mental Health Hazards
  • Self-Reg and Politics
  • Self-Reg Response to Racism
  • Self-Reg: Pulling Back the Veil and Responding to What we find Beneath
  • Stress-Management vs. Breaking a Stress Cycle
  • Understanding Stress as a “Distributed Social Phenomenon”
  • Differential Diagnosis of Stress-Behaviour

Master’s Modules Library B Choices with TMC Team

  • Bridging the Early Years to the School Years through Self-Reg
  • Classroom Management vs. a Self-Reg Approach
  • Haven Quest: Four Self-Reg Journeys (seeds, sunrise, quilt, and haven)
  • Inclusion through a Self-Reg lens
  • Self-Reg and Cultural Competence
  • Self-Reg meets 21st Century Learning
  • Self-Reg and how it’s “always been done”: Exploring Mismatches
  • Self-Reg Research: Where’s the Evidence (and why is that such a complex question)
  • Self-Reg as a Foundation for Policy Development
  • Using the RADAR Model to “Go” Self-Reg: Reflect, Analyze, Design, Activate, Respond
  • AND Many MORE to come. If you have suggested topics email us:

Master’s Modules Library C with Specialists from a Range of Fields

  • Library C modules will offer opportunities to delve more deeply into areas such as Self-Reg &:
    • Developmental Disorders
    • Internalizing Disorders
    • Externalizing Disorders
    • Cognitive Disorders
    • Learning Disorders
    • Health problems