The first Master’s Module will be available in the Summer 2017.

Build on your understandings of Shanker Self-Reg™ from the Foundations certificate program with this 30-Module program that offers you a range of opportunities to go deeper into the science, the practice, and the leadership of Self-Reg with Dr. Shanker and the TMC team.

This unique program is comprised of 30 stand alone modules of learning, each taking approximately 4-6 hours to complete through a combination of videos, readings, and a pre and post module task.

Each learner will choose the modules that fit their interests and design their own learning journey comprised of 10 modules from each of these 3 libraries. After the learner completes 3 modules from the Dr. Shanker library and 3 modules from the TMC library they are free to choose the remaining 24 modules to complete in any order and combination they wish.

Master’s Modules Library A with Dr. Stuart Shanker

  • One third of the program
  • 10 required modules

Master’s Modules Library B with the TMC Self-Reg Team

  • One third  of the program
  • 10 self-selected modules from an (ever-growing) library of options

Master’s Modules Library C with Specialists from a Variety of Fields & Context

  • One final third of the program
  • 10 self-selected modules from an (ever-growing) library of options
  • 3 Modules from both Library A and B must be complete before this library can be accessed.

A culminating project will be to design and deliver a module (with support of a TMC mentor) to add to the Library C for future learners to choose from in the “options” section of this program.

Full 30-Module Certificate Program: $ 2195

There is also the option to register for just the first 10 modules from the program in the Library A stream with Dr. Shanker as stand alone learning or as the first phase towards completion of 30 modules and certification.  The cost of the first 10 modules is: $840.

The first Self-Reg Masters Modules will be available in the Summer 2017. Learners who have completed the Self-Reg Foundations program are welcome to take this full program or choose just select modules.  The option is available to work on both the Level 2 certification and Masters modules at the same time.

Master’s Modules Library A (required) with Dr. Stuart Shanker:

  • Self-Reg View of Temperament
  • Evolutionary Origins of Self-Reg
  • Reframing “Mindfulness”
  • Reframing Psychiatric Disorders
  • Schools as Mental Health Hazards
  • Self-Reg and Politics
  • Self-Reg Response to Racism
  • Self-Reg: Pulling Back the Veil and Responding to What we find Beneath
  • Stress-Management vs. Breaking a Stress Cycle
  • Understanding Stress as a “Distributed Social Phenomenon”
  • Differential Diagnosis of Stress-Behaviour

Master’s Modules Library B Choices with TMC Team

  • Bridging the Early Years to the School Years through Self-Reg
  • Classroom Management vs. a Self-Reg Approach
  • Haven Quest: Four Self-Reg Journeys (seeds, sunrise, quilt, and haven)
  • Inclusion through a Self-Reg lens
  • Self-Reg and Cultural Competence
  • Self-Reg meets 21st Century Learning
  • Self-Reg and how it’s “always been done”: Exploring Mismatches
  • Self-Reg Research: Where’s the Evidence (and why is that such a complex question)
  • Self-Reg as a Foundation for Policy Development
  • Using the RADAR Model to “Go” Self-Reg: Reflect, Analyze, Design, Activate, Respond
  • AND Many MORE to come. If you have suggested topics email us:

Master’s Modules Library C with Specialists from a Range of Fields

  • Library C modules will offer opportunities to delve more deeply into areas such as Self-Reg &:
    • Developmental Disorders
    • Internalizing Disorders
    • Externalizing Disorders
    • Cognitive Disorders
    • Learning Disorders
    • Health problems