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Self-Reg Portal Plus is an exclusive online community of people interested in exploring Shanker Self-Reg® with Dr. Stuart Shanker, the TMC team, and an incredible community of people dedicated to Self-Reg.

Self-Reg Portal Plus gives you exclusive, flexible access to an ever-growing online library of resources that will enhance your knowledge of The Shanker Method of self-regulation, answer your lingering questions and enable you to learn from the experiences of other people who are incorporating Self-Reg into their professional practice and personal lives.

Portal Plus membership includes access to the full 2017/18 Self-Reg School Toolkit and toolkit support videos, as well as exclusive access to the audiobook version of Dr. Shanker’s bestselling education textbook Calm, Alert, and Learning, narrated by TMC’s executive director Susan Hopkins.

Self-Reg Portal Plus gives you instant access to more than 100 resources:

  • an ever-growing library of videos from Dr. Shanker, TMC team specialists, and many others to access for personal learning
  • answers to common questions practitioners have asked about Self-Reg

  • short, easy to understand definitions of key Self-Reg concepts and ideas

  • the Self-Reg view on common issues related to learning, behaviour and mental health

  • access to the full 2017/18 Self-Reg School Toolkit and toolkit support videos

  • access to the audiobook of Dr. Shanker’s best-selling education textbook Calm, Alert, and Learning, narrated by TMCs Executive Director, Susan Hopkins.

  • first-hand accounts of Self-Reg strategies that professionals are using in a variety of contexts

  • an opportunity to interact and share experiences and information with other Self-Reg practitioners working in various fields
  • an optional e-portfolio where you can house and easily find your favorite content and personal reflections

All videos clips are short and to the point, and can be viewed on any device including smartphones. New content from Dr. Shanker and others is added every few days. You can browse and access content whenever you want and learn at your own pace.

Self-Reg Portal Plus is a great way to expand your knowledge and confidence about Shanker Self-Reg®. Join us and become a part of this amazing Self-Reg community of practice.

Cost: $79 a year for individuals


Frequently Asked Questions

Our membership brings together professionals from many fields, including:

  • early childhood educators,
  • teachers, educational assistants,
  • principals and school administration teams
  • school district coordinators, specialists, leadership teams
  • pediatricians, nurse practitioners, nurses
  • occupational therapists, speech & language therapists,
  • psychologists, behavior specialists, counsellors,
  • professors and researchers
A one-year individual membership is $79. Annual team memberships are available for teams of 3 – 5 people for $199, teams of 6 – 15 people for $499, and up to 100 people for $499.
Portal Plus contains many resources in addition to those found on the TMC website, along with content that was once on our website but had been moved to Portal Plus as we add new content to our website. Portal Plus also includes some menus that will help you find our web content more easily.
Membership in Portal Plus will help you consolidate and review some of what you learned in the Foundations course and also expose you to new ideas and the latest thinking and ideas related to Self-Reg.
Yes, definitely. In fact joining Portal Plus is a great way to try out learning more about Self-Reg. It’s inexpensive, flexible and you can learn at your own rate. All content is accessible to Self-Reg “newbies.”
Definitely, new content is added each week. To give you an idea, the amount of content on Portal Plus doubled between March and September 2016. The amount of content will continue to expand because Dr. Shanker, the TMC team and the Self-Reg community keep learning more and more about Self-Reg and how to practice it in our professional and personal lives.

As the Self-Reg eSchool is a web-based learning environment, the following technical requirements must be in place to ensure optimal performance and accessibility.


  • A desktop computer or laptop is required

  • Tablets (e.g., iPad, Surface) and smartphones are not recommended

  • Speakers (or headphones, ear buds, etc.) are required

Internet Connection

  • A high-speed internet connection is required

Internet Browsers

Although we cannot guarantee the reliability of a given browser, there are two that we do recommend:

  • Google Chrome (Windows and Mac)

  • Apple Safari (Mac)

It’s highly recommended that the latest version of the software be installed.

Additional Requirements

Please ensure you have JavaScript and Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer and cookies enabled on your internet browser.

If you have any questions, please send an email to onlinelearning@self-reg.ca.

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