Self-Reg Parenting Course

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The ten-module, video-based Self-Reg Parenting Course is designed to help parents apply Shanker Self-Reg® in their day-to-day parenting. Register at any time you like to take the content at your own convenience over a 6-month period.

This course is designed for parents to dip their toes into Shanker Self-Reg and learn some of the basics and how they apply to parenting. This course is one of the shortest and best value that we offer, however we do recommend our Foundations Certificate Program, ECD Program and our Facilitator’s Program for those who would like an in depth understanding of Shanker Self-Reg, direct engagement with course content, and the tools to tackle all situations with Self-Reg and soft eyes. Unfortunately, this course is unable to offer clinical advice, nor provide immediate solutions for the application of Self-Reg in extreme circumstances.


The Self-Reg Parenting Program, delivered through TMC’s e-School, explains the principles of Shanker Self-Reg®, and practical ways parents can use Self-Reg to:

  • gain a whole new understanding of their child’s behaviour and how to respond to it

  • learn the impacts of excess stress on children’s behaviour and mood

  • come to grips with their own stress and how it affects their parenting

  • identify and address the subtle and hidden stressors that affect children in ways that parents might not realize

  • find out how other parents use Self-Reg strategies to deal with real-life parenting situations and problems


The course material consists of videos which parents can watch at their convenience, and rewatch as often as they like over a 6 month period.

Contributors to the course content include:

  • Dr. Stuart Shanker, originator of the Self-Reg framework and author of Self-Reg: How to help your child (and you) break the stress cycle and successfully engage with life

  • Dr. Susan Hopkins, Executive Director of the MEHRIT Centre

  • Dr. Jean Clinton, a child and adolescent psychiatrist from McMaster University with a special interest in parenting and parent-child relationships

  • Vicki Parnell, administrator of the Self-Reg Parenting Facebook Group

Dr. Shanker and Susan Hopkins provide the core information on Self-Reg and the five-step Shanker Method®. The course will also show parents how to apply Self-Reg strategies in their day-to-day parenting through videos with Vicki Parnell. It includes videos in which parents share their experiences and “aha moments” of using Self-Reg strategies in a variety of practical real life settings.

  • Module 1: What Is Self-Reg?

  • Module 2: The 5 Domains

  • Module 3: Reframe

  • Module 4: Recognize

  • Module 5: Reduce

  • Module 6: Reflect

  • Module 7: Respond

  • Module 8: Putting It All Into Practice

  • Module 9: In the Heat of the Moment

  • Module 10: Sharing Self-Reg With Other Adults


  • Start at any time
  • Access to all video content from Stuart Shanker, Susan Hopkins, Dr. Jean Clinton and Vicki Parnell
  • Access to module quizzes
  • No regimented course times, take the course when is most convenient for you
  • Access to module content for 6 months from start date
  • Certificate of completion

For more information or to inquire about group access to the Self-Reg Parenting Program, please contact

*This course cannot offer clinical support to users and is not a replacement for professional clinical help.*