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The Reflective Parent with Dr. Stuart Shanker

Cost: $25 per webinar or $87.50 for all 5 webinars


In this series, Dr. Shanker focuses on Self-Reg Parenting and working with parents of children across a variety of age groups and contexts. There are five different webinar options, each approximately 60 minutes each.

  1. In Support of Self-Reg Parenting
  2. Parenting and Children 0-3 Years Old
  3. Parenting and Children 4-6 Years Old
  4. Parenting and Children in the Elementary Years
  5. Parenting and Children in Middle/Secondary School Years

As the Self-Reg eSchool is a web-based learning environment, the following technical requirements must be in place to ensure optimal performance and accessibility.


  • A desktop computer or laptop is required

  • Tablets (e.g., iPad, Surface) and smartphones are not recommended

  • Speakers (or headphones, ear buds, etc.) are required

Internet Connection

  • A high-speed internet connection is required

Internet Browsers

Although we cannot guarantee the reliability of a given browser, there are two that we do recommend:

  • Google Chrome (Windows and Mac)

  • Apple Safari (Mac)

It’s highly recommended that the latest version of the software be installed.

Additional Requirements

Please ensure you have JavaScript and Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer and cookies enabled on your internet browser.

If you have any questions, please send an email to onlinelearning@self-reg.ca.

 Jurisdictional Registrations

Please send an email with the details of your request, including the number of sites, number of webinars and the approximate number of participants to info@self-reg.ca.