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Self-Reg Journey Haven

Why & Why Now?

Licensing represents the culmination of years of work by The MEHRIT Centre in our effort to fulfill the dream of seeing Shanker Self-Reg® thriving in communities around the world while also protecting the integrity of the intellectual property and ensuring that we can elevate the voices of our trusted community members.

Is It Right for Me?

  • Are you interested in using your Self-Reg knowledge to help others in your community? 
  • Are you interested in bringing Self-Reg ideas into your current work and helping those you work with?
  • Are you interested in helping to spread the word about Shanker Self-Reg® in your community or context?
  • Do you have a unique perspective or context that could benefit from your Self-Reg knowledge?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then we may just have a licensing journey for you.

Licensing & the Four Self-Reg Journeys

Self-Reg Journey Haven


Stuart Shanker & The MEHRIT Centre

As the Founder & Visionary of Shanker Self-Reg®, Dr. Stuart Shanker and his organization The MEHRIT Centre (TMC) are the Self-Reg Haven tier.

TMC is the hub of Self-Reg knowledge and resources that leads by example and guides licensees through their Self-Reg licensing journeys. All other licensing requests will be grouped into the three other Self-Reg Journeys: Seeds, Sunrise & Quilt (see below).

Self-Reg Journey Seeds


Are you interested in referencing some basic Self-Reg principles, information or use a publicly available resource in your current work and sharing your learning with your colleagues or community?

If so, the Seeds journey could be for you.

Self-Reg Journey Sunrise


Are you interested in bringing Shanker Self-Reg® into the work you do and providing specific Self-Reg resources for the community you work with or even a pilot project or event?

If so, then you may be aiming for the Sunrise journey.

Self-Reg Journey Quilt


Are you interested in developing sustained Shanker Self-Reg® initiatives within your organization and have the resources and expertise to maintain them?

If so, then the Quilt Journey could be right for you.

Tell us more!

Fill in the form below to share with us what you’re hoping to do. The information provided will help us guide you in the next steps of your journey.

*Please note that there is no fee to submit this information.

Further information on your request, including any licensing fees will be offered to you after review by our team.


Do I need to have taken Self-Reg learning with The MEHRIT Centre to apply for a license?

Yes. Different journeys have different learning requirements. For larger initiatives ongoing Self-Reg learning will be required to maintain a license.

Are there fees associated with licensing?

Yes. Fees will depend on the journey and scope of your application. Our team will review the information in your request and will advise you on any fees that would be associated with the appropriate license.

Am I guaranteed a license?

No. Applications must meet certain requirements and are reviewed by the team on a case-by-case basis. TMC reserves the right to approve or deny the granting a license at its discretion.

Are licenses permanent?

No. Quilt licenses are granted for up to 1 year and can be reapplied for annually. Term lengths for Seeds and Sunrise licenses will be set as part of the approval process.

Is there anything I have to do to maintain my license?

Yes, all licenses will require the licencee to abide by all terms of the licensing agreement. Different licenses will have different requirements which could include further Self-Reg Learning.