Self-Reg Schools: Four Journeys ~ London, ON

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Sparked by the publication of Dr. Stuart Shanker’s Calm Alert and Learning (2010) and Self-Reg, (2016), educators around the world have embraced science and theory of Self-Reg. Now, with the publication of Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators, by Dr. Stuart Shanker and Dr. Susan Hopkins (Pearson, 2019), the focus has turned to the “how” of Self-Reg. The challenge is that Self-Reg is not a packaged program, but a process, a way of seeing, understanding and responding that encompasses all relationships and practices in a school and its community.

Please see below for a description of the content that will be discussed each day:

Thursday January 23rd 2020: 1:00pm-4:00pm

This half-day workshop, rooted in the ideas and concepts of the new handbook, will show educators how to embed Self-Reg in teaching and learning environments, with a special focus on the diversity of student needs.

  • All means all: how Self-Reg can support and enhance inclusive education
  • How Self-Reg’s focus on stress and self-regulation offer new ways to understand and address students’ unique challenges and needs
  • Blue brain, red brain and brown brain: how excess stress affects our brain systems
  • Making the shift from trying to “manage” student behaviour to seeking to understand student’s behaviour and read the signs of excess stress
  • Looking at students with autism, anxiety and ADHD through the Self-Reg lens

Friday January 24th 2020: 8:30am – 3:30pm

This full-day workshop, rooted in the ideas and concepts of the new handbook, will show educators a path and process for embedding Self-Reg in teaching and learning environments.

  • What is Self-Reg and how it can help you enhance schools, classrooms, teachings practices and school communities
  • Exploring the four Self-Reg journeys: SEEDS, SUNRISE, QUILT and HAVEN
  • Examples and scenarios of how Self-Reg practice developed in several schools
  • Hands-on activities that will help you learn where you are on the Self-Reg continuum and how to develop a Self-Reg plan based on your stage of Self-Reg knowledge and practice

A copy of Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators is included in the cost of all full price tickets bought as of Oct 31st. If you already have a copy, plan to share a copy, or would like to opt out of receiving a copy of the book, please select the ‘No Handbook’ ticket option. If you would like it shipped to you in advance, please email for a shipping estimate.

Cost: Thursday only: $115, Friday only: $174, Both days: $215


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465 Sunningdale Rd W, London, ON

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