Self-Reg Mentoring

TMC offers online, non-clinical 1:1 Self-Reg mentoring and consulting. Below is a list of mentors who may be available to meet with you or your team. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to


Self-Reg Mentoring

Mentoring is a new educational offering available. Participants will have a unique, guided opportunity to increase their knowledge of Shanker Self-Reg® and deepen the learning and insights gained in our online courses through one-on-one, online discussions with a knowledgeable and supportive mentor.

  • Get support in identifying your Self-Reg learning goals
  • Explore specific areas of Self-Reg that interest you
  • Extend the dialogue and reflection from any Self-Reg courses you have completed or events you have attended

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Note that mentoring is not a clinical service and will be conducted in line with our Terms of Use

Self-Reg Consulting

Consulting is a special service offered to leaders of schools or organizations, and Self-Reg learning groups and/or their leaders. The initial steps in a Self-Reg initiative are exciting and energizing. But then it can be hard to know where to go next or how to get there. Our consultants will help you take your Self-Reg initiative or learning group to the next level with flexible consulting services tailored to your needs, such as

  • Personalized training/learning for teams
  • Development of evaluation frameworks and/or RADAR-based plans for Self-Reg initiatives
  • Integrating Self-Reg with existing programs, practices and policies

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Note that consulting is not a clinical service and will be conducted in line with our Terms of Use. 



Marilyn Barros

Self-Reg Presenter

Finding Self-Reg, the Shanker Method was something Marilyn had been looking for, for a long time. She has always been a person who tries to see the positive in others and learning about Self-Reg has helped her learn the science behind our actions. Marilyn’s experiences as a mom have taught her so much. Her career has taken her from residential services, vocational services, supporting mental health services then into the school system to her current role as an Occupational Therapy Assistant in paediatrics. In each of these roles, she has had the opportunity to meet and learn from so many children and their families.

Casey Burgess, PhD, RP (she/her)

Self-Reg Online Learning Facilitator & Presenter

Having lived across Canada from coast to coast, Casey has worked for over 20 years as an Autism Resource Consultant and Clinical Supervisor on multidisciplinary teams, in both British Columbia and Ontario. Currently in Sault Ste Marie, she is an adjunct faculty member at Algoma University (Psychology), Lake Superior State University (Education), and Sault College (Social Sciences), as well as a PhD student, a parent of a teen and a tween, and the partner of a very understanding man.

Crystal Carbino

Self-Reg Presenter

As a Registered Early Childhood Educator with a passion for inspiring powerful positive relationships, Crystal is dedicated to sharing the impact of self-regulation on academic achievement and overall well-being. Currently the Early Years Facilitator for the Simcoe County District School Board, Crystal has gained an enormous amount of experience facilitating professional development for educators. Crystal is proud to call herself a Self-Reg Champion having complete TMC’s Foundations in Self-Regulation Certification, Self-Reg Learning Facilitators Certification and Self-Reg and Early Childhood Development Certification.

Laura Cesaroni, PhD, RP

Self-Reg Online Learning Facilitator

Laura received her Ph.D from OISE/University of Toronto. Her area of interest was within developmental psychology, psychological and educational assessment and counseling. Currently she is a Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO #002669) with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Laura’s early training began at the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry and the Hospital for Sick Children as a Psychometrist and research assistant. She has worked in a number of organizations and had a private practice. Her experience with families and children with learning, attention and developmental challenges spans over 20 years in the field. Family Education Resource Network (FERN) was inspired by Laura as a way to support more families and children in meaningful ways. She began fund raising for FERN through annual rummage sales from her home. Today FERN has developed into a not-for-profit community of caring families, children and staff. Laura works as a clinician at FERN. She is compassionate and believes that the supports and services at FERN must come from the ground up- families play a critical role in the development of programs. More recently, Laura has been training with The MEHRIT Centre, bringing the science of Self-Reg to the families, students and staff at FERN. She believes that Shanker Self-Reg is a critical journey with the potential to move us all towards wellbeing and resiliency.

Lisa Cranston, EdD

Self-Reg Online Learning Facilitator & Presenter

Lisa Cranston is a recently retired educator with over thirty years of experience. She has taught grades kindergarten to four and worked as an instructional coach for literacy and mathematics. Lisa spent the last eleven years of her career in education as the educational consultant for kindergarten and primary grades and led the implementation of Full-Day Kindergarten for her school board from 2010 – 2015. Lisa believes that Shanker Self-Reg® has changed how she views both her own behaviour and that of others, and her goal is to help others to ‘lend their calm’ to those around them. Lisa blogs about her Self-Reg reflections and learning at

Lisa recently completed a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership at Western University, studying policy enactment of self-regulation curriculum expectations in kindergarten. She has a Master’s degree in Curriculum Studies from the University of Windsor and an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education from Ryerson University in Toronto.

Susan Hopkins, EdD (she/her)

Executive Director, The MEHRIT Centre
CEO, Self-Reg Global

A passionate advocate for children, families and communities, Dr. Susan Hopkins leads Dr. Stuart’s Shanker’s organization, The MEHRIT Centre (TMC). Susan’s leadership brings Dr. Shanker’s self-regulation knowledge to contexts across Canada and beyond. As a one-time at risk youth who quit high school twice, Susan went on to complete four degrees. Over the course of Susan’s career, she has been an educator, school administrator, special education teacher, inclusive schooling coordinator, curriculum developer, educational researcher, and educational leader. She has worked in every area of education from the early years to post-secondary and across contexts from Italy to the Northwest Territories. Susan led the territorial implementation of the Early Development Instrument (EDI), co-authored the Government’s Early Childhood Framework and developed the NWT play and culutre based kindergarten curriculum. She went on to lead the Planning, Research, and Evaluation division for the Department of Education before relocating to Edmonton to head up the Society of Safe and Caring Schools and Communities. These experiences always lead back to the self-regulation research, writing, and thinking of Dr. Stuart Shanker. In 2014 Susan became the Executive Director of The MEHRIT Centre and under her leadership the organization has grown and developed into a much respected, accessible, and successful Centre of teaching and learning. In addition, Susan now brings her skills to Stuart’s self-regulation research centre (SRI) as the lead researcher for SRI’s fourth area of focus: The Practice of Self-Reg.

*Limited Mentoring Availability with a focus on consulting for TMC mentors, presenters and facilitators, as well as board-level Quilt and Haven Initiatives. Email to request for large group initiative consulting with Susan.

Rebecca Leslie, MEd, BEd (she/her)

Self-Reg Online Learning Facilitator & Presenter

With 15 years of classroom teaching experience, Rebecca is a Self-Reg Consultant with The MEHRIT Centre (TMC), delivering dynamic and interactive Self-Reg workshops to educators, parents, and community groups in English/French. She is a Course Facilitator with the Self-Reg eSchool (web-based learning environment) and is a Research and Development Project Manager with the TMC team. Apart from her roles with TMC, Rebecca is a mother to two young boys, and an educational consultant in the Toronto region.

Drawn to Self-Reg as a way to understand stress, both negative and positive, Rebecca is particularly interested in the brain-body connection and applying Dr. Shanker’s framework in classrooms, homes, and the workplace. With a BEd and graduate studies at McGill University, she also holds an MEd in Developmental Psychology & Education from the University of Toronto. Her research interests revolve around neuropsychology, sensory systems, and exploring evidence-informed practices for enhancing teacher-student/parent-child relationships.

Cathy Lethbridge, BA, BEd, OCT (she/her)

Self-Reg Online Learning Facilitator

Cathy has been an educator for 34 years with the Simcoe County DSB, the past 16 years as a principal. In her current role as Central Principal of Well-being K-12, she is responsible for the development and implementation of programs that support the well-being of students and staff across the system. Cathy coaches staff, students and families to use Self-Reg practices to enhance their well-being and to support student achievement. She actively applies Shanker Self-Reg in both her personal and professional life and believes in the power of Self-Reg to change trajectories no matter a person’s age or stage in life. Cathy enjoys facilitating online courses for The MEHRIT Centre and presenting at various conferences and events. She is so grateful for all the amazing people she has met through The MEHRIT Centre since she attended the first SRSS in 2015.

Marcia Moorcroft, MEd, OCT (she/her)

Teaching Assistant & Self-Reg Online Learning Facilitator

Marcia is a recently retired principal with the Peel District School Board after 35+ years as a teacher, resource teacher and administrator. She is staying involved with the board as a Mentor/Coach, supporting new principals in their role. Marcia is a keen advocate of Shanker Self-Reg in her professional roles and in her personal life, recognizing the positive impact the understanding and application of the 5 steps of the Self-Reg Framework have in the lives of students and staff in school environments, as well as in her own life, her family and friends.

Claudio Moschella, MEd, OCT

Self-Reg Online Learning Facilitator

Claudio is currently an elementary school administrator in the Peel District School Board. He has always had a keen interest in understanding behaviour specifically that of elementary school-aged children. Since he has come in contact with Shanker Self-Reg he has been a strong advocate in bringing to light a growth mindset in understanding stress behaviour versus misbehaviour. Self-Regulation has given him the tools to support the most challenging of behaviours and he also recognizes the positive personal impact this learning has had on him as a husband, father, friend and school leader. What helps Claudio stay calm and alert: Meditation, organizing and cleaning, time with family and friends, yard work and finishing home improvement projects, to name a few.

Nicole Patzalek

Self-Reg Teaching Assistant

Nicole is very excited to be a part of the team. Nicole holds a degree in Early Childhood Education and a postgraduate certificate in Autism and Behavioural Sciences and Children’s Mental Health. She works for a school board bringing awareness and support to the Early Years in regards to Child Development and Self-Regulation. She is currently pursing her certificate in the Level 2 facilitator course and Masters Module Program from The MEHRIT Centre Self-Reg learning online.

Melissa Pinnell, (she/her)

Self-Reg Online Learning Facilitator

For over 13 years Melissa has been a teacher of exceptional students and has worked with children and young adults ranging in age from 7 weeks to 20 years in school and community settings. Her specialties are Special Education, Reading and working with the deaf. Melissa continues to be amazed by the variety of situations in which Self-Reg can play a critical role, believing that Self-Reg can be the missing piece in combining scientific research and the unique needs of every learner.

Arlene Robinson

Self-Reg Online Learning Facilitator & Presenter

Arlene is a retired elementary school principal with more than 30 years in education, wife and mother of two. She has been searching for more effective ways to support students and adults to their fullest potential in spite of what lies in their life path. “I came for students and left with so much more”. For Arlene, Self-Reg is the answer to this search and she is finding the learning journey to be beneficial both personally and professionally and believes everyone can benefit from this learning.

Kim Smith, MScEd, OCT, (she/her)

Self-Reg Online Learning Facilitator & Presenter

Kim is a wife and mother and has been an elementary educator for over 30 years with the York Region District School Board, 18 of those years as a Principal. She has a Master’s degree in education, is a Cognitive Coach and is also trained in Adaptive Schools and Mindfulness. Kim has been inspired by the work of Stuart Shanker and strives to create a haven in her school for students, staff and parents. She believes that Self-Reg is the way to finding calmness and comfort in our fast paced world and looks for ways of sharing this with others.


Paula Jurczak, MA, RCC-ACS, RSW, DIR-ET  (she/her)

Dean of eLearning 
Paula Jurczak is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Supervisor, Registered Social Worker, DIR Clinician and Training Leader and Self-Regulation Consultant in BC. She specializes in assessment and treatment of infants, children and adolescents with complex mental health issues, specialized medical conditions and special needs. 
Paula holds a Master’s in Counselling Psychology and a Bachelor’s in Social Work. 
She maintains a private practice using DIR and self-regulation models to support individuals experiencing attachment and regulatory challenges, behavioural and emotional difficulties, neurodivergent challenges and complex mental health issues. Paula uses a strength-based, family-centred multidisciplinary approach in her practice, and her work is informed by current research and evidence-based intervention. Additionally, Paula provides clinical supervision to organizations and counsellors seeking to enrich their own practices.
As the Dean of eLearning for The MEHRIT Centre (TMC), she works collaboratively to support self-regulation in schools, organizations, health and social service agencies across Canada. Paula also presents internationally and provides psychoeducational workshops, reflective parent coaching, online support services and support groups and consultation to hospitals, mental health clinics, preschools, and schools.



Constance Herman

Self-Reg Presenter 

Constance has passionately worked to support parents, families, and communities for the past 19 years. In her role as the Provincial Coordinator for the Nobody’s Perfect Parent Program in Saskatchewan, Constance provides training, resource development, and support to service providers who work with parents and families. In her private coaching business, Constance provides personalized coaching and education services to parents. As a Parent Program Coordinator, Parent Coach, and mom to a 3 year old girl and 9 year old boy, Constance recognizes that parenting is one of the most rewarding, most important, and also the most challenging jobs there is.

Constance has always possessed a deep desire to better understand herself and others, with the intention of using her awareness to support others. She has a BA with majors in psychology and sociology, and Bachelors of Social Work. Of all her studies and experience, Self-Reg has proven to have created the greatest impact in Constance’s personal, educational, and professional life. She believes that adopting a deeper awareness of Self-Reg, in all aspects of society, is pivotal to creating meaningful, lasting, and positive changes for future generations.



Marie Edwards, BEd, BSpEd, MEd (she/her)

Self-Reg Online Learning Facilitator & Presenter

With more than 30 years of experience as an educator, Marie has worked in Canada and Australia across a diversity of teaching and leadership roles. Her interest in and practice of Self-Reg ignited in 2010 after hearing a keynote address by Dr. Shanker. This sparked a transformational shift in her work as a principal/teacher in British Columbia and personal growth as a parent, partner, friend, and human. It also inspired further Masters (2013) and PhD (current) research, focussing on Self-Reg. Marie is a TMC facilitator, presenter, and learner and has completed the Foundations, Facilitators, Leadership, and Reframed courses. Based in Nova Scotia and working at Acadia University with preservice teachers, Marie is in the final stages of writing her dissertation on her research titled, “Developing teachers’ self-regulation to support stress management.”