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SELF-REG – How to Help Your Child (and You) Break the Stress Cycle and Successfully Engage with Life is chocked full of helpful information on de-stressing your kiddos.  Right off the bat it makes readers realize the STRESS that is surrounding our children today and how they can deal with it.  Dr. Shanker pulls away from actual disciplining children when “problem children” arise and more or less looks for the barriers that may be stressing our children out and removing those barriers to manage stress.  Stressors can be just plain over-stimulation from sound, light, smells, textures, sitting or standing, etc.  Recognizing the stressors and eliminating those items or make changes to those items can help SELF-REG oneself.  (Dr. Shanker shares some real stories about kids and parents he’s met along the way and how he helped them overcome their problematic stressful life.) Parents can help children recognize these stressors and become aware they are over-stressed and why so they can in-turn SELF-REG themselves.  Great learning tool for parents also to teach themselves to be back to calm.

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