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Learning how to “do Self-Reg” takes time – and practice. We need to learn the brain/body science that helps us understand how excess stress affects behaviour, mood and learning. We also need to develop actionable Self-Reg strategies based on our new knowledge and awareness.  And practice helps us develop these new habits in how we read and respond to the behaviour of children, other adults and ourselves. This Self-Reg tool, the 5-Practice Self-Reg Portrait, will help with that.

The 5-Practices of Self-Reg

Reframe the behaviour.

Recognize the stressors across the five domains.

Reduce the stress.

Reflect and enhance stress awareness.

Restore energy.

5-Practice Self-Reg Portrait

Our 5-Practice Self-Reg Portrait gives learners some concrete ways to get some practice thinking about each of the 5-Practices of Self-Reg and how to put them into action.

Each practice has a separate page with a task specific to that strategy, making this an ideal tool for use in Self-Reg learning groups. Check it out!

Self-Reg Portrait tool

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