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This poem was written by a participant as part of their learning in the  Self-Reg Foundations program.

It’s been a year. A full year. 
The hardest one yet. 
A year full of change. Major change.
Good change, bad change.
Ups and downs.

Heartache, grief, anxiety, panic,
fears, worries, misunderstandings,
doubts, disbelief, fights.
Strength, courage, beliefs, hope.
Feeling, opening up, being vulnerable,
daring, learning, growing.

Taking one step at a time.
Loosing friends, making friends.
New connections, old connections.
Kids. Tundra. Family.
Wangerooge. Germany.

Loss. So much loss.
Heidi. Wyatt. Scott.
Saying goodbye.
Grief. Deep grief.
Why? Why me?

So much hurt.
Who am I?
Inner strength. Weakness.
Believing. Forgiving.
Tears. Shaking. Fears.
Trauma. Addiction. Recovery.

Help. Asking for help.
Sharing. Committing.
Searching. Uncertainty.
Homelessness. Church.
Nature. Camping. Biking, Running.

New strength.
Eagles. Bears. Sandhill cranes. Foxes.
Finding. Perspectives. Reflection.
Decisions. New beginnings. Friends.
Still searching.


Next year. 
I hope it will be better.
I hope WE will be better.
I hope we learn from this year.
I hope we won’t make the same mistakes.

I hope we live well.
With kindness and understanding.
I hope we forgive.
We love and not hate. 
We smile and laugh.
We grow. We learn.
We make new friends.

I hope we see the light.
And work towards it.
I hope we remain true to ourselves.
We do not forget where we came from,
how far we have gone
and where we are going. 
I hope we do not give up.
I hope we believe.
I hope we can breathe. 
Breathe deeply and freely. 
Humble and proud.
I hope we can be in peace.
I hope we hope.

Learn about our Self-Reg Foundations Program here.