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Author: Susan Conklin

Dear Children,

Learning to become aware and to learn to live

Lovingly and compassionately

Within ourselves and with others

Is a lifelong journey.

In our Self-Reg Journey

we’ll consider

“Five Domains” and “Five Steps”

to help us along the way.

Across the five domains

we’ll work together

in relationship with one another

To experience self-regulation and well-being

Physically (in our bodies)

Emotionally (in our hearts)

Cognitively (in our minds)

Socially (with our friends and family and others)

and Prosocially (in our souls and in empathy with others).

When we get over-stressed

Or stuck in set ways

We’ll Reframe our behaviour

as “stress behaviour”

and work like scientists

to Recognize and detect the stressors

across all domains and the interplay among them.

We’ll find ways to

Reduce the stressors

so that we can regain and maintain

our energy for learning and creativity and thriving

As the best “me”

That we can be.

We’ll each Reflect and become self-aware

And ask

“Why now?”


“What now?”

“Why am I responding this way?”


“What can I do to restore Myself

To calm and well-being?”

We’ll each learn

To Respond to this emerging

Self-awareness in ways

That is healthy

And adaptive

And positive

And joyful.

We’ll learn to self-regulate.

We’ll travel a path or

“Trajectory” toward well-being

And joy.

Self-Reg is a journey,

A lifelong journey,

A Dynamic Systems process

That invites us individually and together

To embrace life and living

And loving ourselves and all others,

And to let our lights shine.

Stress can be positive.

But when there is too much stress

And we are overloaded

Our Self-Reg Journey

Can help us

Restore our energy



Our beautiful beings.

“Five-by-Five: Self-Reg’s Alive!”